Medal framing - Any suggestions?


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Got some medals, photos and original cap badge etc from a relative from WW2. Nothing fancy, no VCs or anything exceptional, just some medals from an ordinary Pte soldier. They aren't in a fantastic condition and would need a bit of a refurb and clean, as a way of displaying them I was thinking about getting them restored and framed.

You know- much in the way that a corps museum or HQ mess would have the donated medals of an individual displayed in a frame on the wall.

Just would be an interesting piece for the family to look at, and better than them sat in the cupboard collecting dust.

Could anyone recommend any companies which do this for messes for presentation pieces and or displays of donated medals?

Any suggestions appreciated.
I've a couple of sets, once you've got the medals cleaned and mounted, any decent picture framer should be able to sort things for you. You can see the results in this thread

Project completed


I can restore medals... But it's one of those things I don't like to do as it devalues them. As for framing, take a look at

They literally have hundreds of frames to suit just about any configuration.
.........and try, if possible, to use the original ribbons: not only are they better quality than modern replacements but they also maintain the historic link to the chap who was awarded them.

Pix would be nice when completed. Good luck.

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