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Best man at a wedding next week, so busy prepping my no 1 dress. The question I have is;

what is the form for removing full size medals whilst inside? I have been told this is the done thing, but not come across it before. (Its only because I`m a lazy toad and do not want to have to remove the ribbons from my brown hoover bag)!

Thanks in advance

The Japster


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you won 'em you wear 'em . I had not heard that they are to be removed whilst 'inside' and couldn't find anything on the web . Saying that unless you wanna cover them in Soup take em off before you dine .
Thye 'custom' is that the Army remove medals when entering the Mess, but the Navy and the RAF don't. If you are at a civvy wedding I'd keep them on and wear them with pride.
Depends on your Regt or Corps and whether it's a civvie venue or a Mess (Officers or Sgts). I know certain Messes have 'thing' about shiny half-crowns being removed once the event has finished and you enter the Mess.

If it's a civvie venue then it does'nt really matter: just make sure that they are not found in one of the linen cupboards, a result of you having engaged in CQB with one of the better looking bridesmaids. Your wife may ask probing questions.
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