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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by LoneTree, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. Morning Ladies & Gents, Dunno if this Q has been raised before but I need an answer to settle a little argument in the pub last night.
    Most GSMs / Campaign medals require the individual to be in theatre for a set period of time before being eligable for said medal. However if the individual is injured & cas-evaced out of theatre before that time is reached , do they automaticaly become eligable for the medal. I,m completly on the fence about this (I have no idea) But having watched two ex bootys nearly come to blows on this last night. I will be able to pull off a "well actually" moment & enjoy a nice cool pint of golden off the winner of the argument. Yours in anticipation....

  2. This point came up on my first tour, about 2 weeks in a young lad fell through a blacktorne bush and buggered his leg, he was supposed to be RTU'd but was kept on as Ops Room "Runner" (oh the irony watching him hobble around on crutches) till he qualified for his medal.

    However on the same tour I came within a gnats scrotom hair of a contact (IVCP on the road about a 100 yds along where we threw one in, pulled out as blokes in boilersuits were watching them) and the question was raised what if it happened and someone would go back, the answer was you would get the medal even if you didn't make the time as long as your injury was in the line

    So the upshot is

    Fall on yer arrse on the first day = No Medal

    Shot in the arrse on the first day = Medal

    However I may be very wrong
  3. I can't be absolutly sure on this but we had a bloke lose both legs after just 2 days in theatre & as far as i'm aware he got the gong.
  4. Yep Wellyhead, that point was raised. But the counter argument was if you are injured while in theatre, you are injured & the way you were injured is irelevent as you were in a theatre of operations & on duty.

    One of the guys mentioned a bloke who almost lost an eye to an air gun sniper & a bloke run over by a Pig, both in the 1st week of a tour who according to my booty pal both got thier medal. The other guy said this was bollox & thats when fisticuffs nearly broke out. Difficult call eh ?

  5. Sorry to hear that fingers.

  6. If you are injured and casevaced whilst on an operational tour (GSM/CSM) = 28 days for medal... then yes, you are entitled!
  7. Ok, so you are entitled before any quailifying timeset if you are injured. Is that irespective of how you were injured? be it through tripping over your own boot laces or through enemy actions.

    Regards LT.
  8. Arrived in Kosovo with my search team. Full screw Team Comd falls down stairs on the first recce, for the first task, all within 8 hours of arriving in theatre and breaks jaw in 2 places. After being stabilised in Field Hospital in Pristina is casevaced out on an areomed flight that morning. Total time in theatre less than 24 hrs and he still got his medal!
  9. I remember doing a six month UN tour in FRY and getting my UN gong after 90 days, some lads from 7 RHA (they insist on being called 7 Para (RHA) these days, gunner insecurity) were in Sarajevo for less than 3 days when we got chopped to IFOR and they got their UN gong!

    I remember also the wild arguments flying around about the NATO medal after we got chopped. One camp were saying that we were deployed as a National force and therefore entiltled to the GSM/Bar as well as the NATo gong. The other camp were arguing that the MOD were giving us the the NATO gong in lieu of the GSM. To which the GSM camp were arguing that all the other nationalities were giving their GSM equivalants AND the NATO and that the MOD were not giving us the NATO gong, NATO was, and it was just an excuse to save a few quid on the part of the MOD.

    It was quite entertaining listening to the ... err debates, never got to a punch up though

  10. Back on Telic 2, we were compulsorily mobilised(no intelligent mobilisation back then!!) and we had a couple of guys who totally bluffed their ticket from the moment they got there. They were doing collapsing acts in the cookhouse and going to the medic for the slightest things - one was even caught on the front gate at the palace cleaning his personal weapon, loaded - scary!!

    Him aside, the other two weren't nuts and were frankly taking the p1ss - they eventually got out of theatre after all of them threw wobblers in the med centre and were quickly dispatched back to Brize. They were apparently given their gongs - fu**ing tossas, suicidal weapon cleaner aside!!
  11. This is a matter for the chain of command. The CO applies judgement to every case.

    There are no 'cut and dried' rules for this sort of thing. Can you imagine trying to write them - the above posts prove the utter futility of that particular venture.
  12. During a Fingal tour a couple of years ago, during his handover, the incoming doctor broke his ankle jumping off of a three-foot high patio to the ground because he couldn't be bothered to walk down the steps. Was casevaced out of the country (complete with medal) and the outgoing doctor had to hang around for another 4 weeks or so till a replacement could be dredged up. Not a happy sausage...........
  13. Thanks for all your replies. The jist I am getting is, its all down to the CoC & ultimatley the CO. Who would have to be a bit of a chopper to refuse a genuinely injured guy a gong especially if it was caused in action.

    Regards LT.