Medal count-Iraq and Afghan

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by muhandis89, May 3, 2009.

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  1. I was pleased to note that the S telegraph reckon that the Sappers came third in the medal count,after RM and Para Reg.Well done The Corps!
  2. Well done the RE's, Brilliant.
  3. Whoopeedoo!!!!
  4. Nice One... Well Done all...
  5. I feel sorry for those who got the least medals, they will be made to go out again and again, until their scores improve. Medal tables well i never. :roll:
  6. Well it worked for the R IRISH: 1 x MID first time round, 3 x CGC etc on second tour...
  7. Yeh and I cant believe they didnt account for my 3rd place inter Sqn 50m freestyle swimming medal. (Well done the Corps)!!
  8. yes well done all those, nothing to do with the size of the sqns deplyed?
  9. We are we are we are...
  10. And still notching them up.... l was amazed at the amount of TELIC medals dished out the other day for T13 - l thought we had all been there by now!!

    Either that or everyone's got out and the Regiment is straight from training!
  11. Sounds about right 8O
  12. Got a link for that report ? Can't seem to find it.
  13. What is a medal? never seen one, it took nine years to get one for going to dumpr called Croatia and even longer to get one through for doing some 'Mundane Mish Mosh' (AGC Det Comdrs view) in behalf of the UN.

    And if anyone has seen an LSGC with my name on it, please send it back, I now admit I was drunk on the day in question sorry to have lied for fifteen years SSM:)

    Seriously, some serious soldiering going on nowadays and it is good to see the UK Govt has not repeated the Suez debacle. Let's all cross our fingers and hope that all that earn them get to wear them.

    As my old Sect Comd used to say move fast keep low and travel light-and if all else fails shoot f****Ing straight-those pearls have stayed with me for years-cheers Ted:)
  14. Surely the RLC would have larger squadrons deployed?