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Not sure whether it's a military medal, but I've googled with limited success, so I'm hoping the power of arrse can help.

In a collection of medals I acquired this weekend is one commemorating the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary. It's not a 'Coronation Medal' because (a) the ribbon is the wrong colour and (b) the reverse has the wrong design.

The ribbon is red, white and blue vertical stripes. The obverse has pictures of their Majesties, he uncrowned and she in a tiara, with the words 'King George V Queen Mary'. The reverse has a circle with rays (maybe the sun?) with a crown imposed on the circle. The crown is surmounted by a bird (could be a dove with an olive branch - darn these varifocals!). Below the circle is a crossed sceptre and branch. The text reads 'In commemoration of the coronation' and 'June 22nd 1911'.

The nearest thing I can find is a few medals issued by local authorities, like this one from Preston

They all have the same ribbon, but different versions of the picture and the crest on the back.

So, can anyone say what it is? Or who might have issued it (from my description of the logo!)?

My grandad would have been 12 at the time, so it's unlikely to be his, but it's with his WW1 medals.

I'd be grateful for any information!

Was he a member of the boy scouts or boys brigade, it could of been an award from them?


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Hadn't thought of that. Will have to find out. Somehow I doubt the Colchester BB or Scouts will still have records. Hope his daughter, my aunt, may know. She's not too good in the memory department, but I can try.

More excitingly for me now I have his service number, I've found some stuff about him in the National Archive, including his medal card and some details of what he got up to with the Royal West Kents and the Labour Corps between 1914 and 1920.

Thanks for the tip, BRL.
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