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Discussion in 'Officers' started by devexwarrior, May 11, 2010.

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  1. I am reading the citation for the presentation of a bar to an LS&GC when the Brig visits . I have the citation but what is the correct format for announcing the award. If there is no 'correct' format I will go with

    'The Award of the Bar to the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal -12345678 Rank n Name'

    Anyone done one of these recently?
  2. from listening to other citations its
    "12345678 rank name enlisted in ....... on the ..... the origional citation .... the extra bits ..... and for 30 years exempalary(spelling?) and loyal service is awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and Clasp ...... big round of appluase lots of beer
  3. IIRC the dear old Partly-Queer at RMAS used to use the phase:

    "The Long Service and Good Conduct Medal for 15 years unblemished service is awarded to 12345678 Rank n Name"

    "The Operational Service Medal with clasp "Afghanistan" is awarded to OCdt X, Y, Z, A, B, C, D and Cpl Gurung"

    At the announcement of the name the soldier comes forward and the medal presented.
  4. mine says basically what the Boundapprentice says, a bit of waffle about when I joined, units I had been posted to, operational tours, gallantry gongs & MiD if eligible, sports played and at what level and ending with:

    Throughout his xx years service his conduct has been exemplary and he is awarded the bar to the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

    Round of applause, medal to him, flowers to wife (if applicable).

    Remember the LS&GC alone is an award that should not be given across a desk or with a one off sentence such as:

    'The Long Service and Good Conduct Medal for 15 years unblemished service is awarded to 12345678 Rank n Name'.

    I see no reason why the bar to this award should be treated any less. I had to wait until the GOC NI was visiting and a group of us were presented them, some of us had actually qualified for the gong over a year prior to the presentation and the gongs had been sat in a safe in Unit admin all that time waiting for Pikes visit.
  5. We had a couple of LS&GC presented recently by a 2*.

    I briefly explained to the gathered masses what was about to happen, read each citation in the format much the same as the above, then the recipient marched smartly out in front of said general and received their medal.

    I have also seen this done in the mess, with spouses (presented flowers/whiskey) present, followed by a decent lunch and a beer.

    I personally think the mess works better.
  6. I stole mine from the admin clerk's safe and refused to hand it over. Much easier for everyone that way.
  7. Why does that not surprise me, Gladys. :roll:
  8. It only worked because I was able to secure the SSM's at the same time. We presented each other with the LS&GC over a refreshing glass in the Mess. Much tidier, no need to bother senior officers, all of whom have better things to do.
  9. I was told I would receive mine from 2 jags (Prescott) a few years ago when the ship was in Whitehaven. After a brief discussion with my CO I later received it from the CO in the mess.
  10. A couple of days prior to my LS&GC:

    RSM: Sir, will the Surgeon General be presenting flowers to your wife after you get your LS&GC?
    Me: Yes please RSM.

    Tucking into my sausage roll and pinapple on a stick provided after the event:

    RSM: Did your wife like the flowers Sir?
    Me: Very much RSM, thank you.
    RSM: Splendid. If you could drop £40 off to the PRI accountant to cover it that would be marvelous.

  11. I would be tempted to explain briefly what the medal represents and then what the additional award of the bar means in in terms of Long and Honourable Service.(Undetected crime!!) You may wish to highlight that the award of the bar is not a commonoccurence, someone may be able to tell you how many were awarded recently wherever you are.

    After that pre-amble then go on to say something like --It therefore gives me great pleasure to be able to make this award of bar to the LS&GC to ........his name!! etc