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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Smoke_T_Bigfella, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. Hi , I'd like some advice about wearing my medals for Rememberance this year. I have the Gulf 91 medal. When i was still in uniform my ribbon on my 2's had a rosette and so did my medal . On changing units i was told to remove it as the bar on the medal shows i did the active service. ( i was REME att to 1 Royal Scots F.S Coy mortar PLT )
    I was in the legion last year with a load of Navy wallahs who tried to rib me for my set until they realised i was Ex Army . Being made to look like a bunch of chinless wonders they then started talking bollocks about me not having a rosette so i didn't see any action .. Knobs got my back up and i still have my ribbons as i removed them from my 2's on my discharge..
    So not wanting to be a WALT what do i do ? stick a rosette on my medal or what ? I'm also going to wear my Saudi and Kuwait medals as well . i guess i have to stick them on my opposite site of my blazer. I saw pics earlier in the year of the beefeater who lost his job for bullying and he had his court mounted onto his normal medals ...
    Thanks in advance for the advice ..
    Cheers :)
  2. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    As far as I know the only 2 medals to have a rosette on the actual medal is the south Atlantic and op barras OSM. I stand to be corrected though but I would stick to just wearing the bar.
  3. Taken from Wiki
    The Gulf War Medal was a campaign medal approved in 1992, for issue to officers and men of British forces who served in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia during Operation Granby (the Liberation of Kuwait) in 1990-91.

    The medal alone was awarded to personnel for thirty days continuous service in the Middle East (in a defined area of operations, including Cyprus) between 2 August 1990 and 7 March 1991. Two clasps were authorised for those who served in Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion, and for those who took part in operations to liberate Kuwait.[1] In undress uniform, a rosette is worn on the medal ribbon to denote the award of either clasp.

    Might be of help!
  4. the ribbon that was on my 2's has the rosette on it. I was told this was to show i have The clasp and bar on the medal . It was so long ago and i never wore my 2's so i cant remeber the exact regs about wearing them. I always seemed to be on tour for the rest of my time. I was MD'd in 06 and it's now I'm out that i feel the pride of wearing them after 20yrs service. 2 years apprentice and 18 years regulars

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  5. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    This is essentially correct. To quote the MoD Ministry of Defence | Defence For... | Veterans | Medals | Gulf:
    As for the Saudi and Kuwait awards, feel free to wear them how you like. You're a civilian now and unconstrained by the policy for wearing of awards and decorations on uniforms. I know a number of lads who have had the NATO ISAF medal for Afghanistan tacked on to the end of their rack upon leaving the Service.
  6. The Kuwait and Saudi medals are not allowed to be worn: they were only issued as a keepsake.

    However, that was whilst you're still serving: I've seen several blokes have them mounted now that they are out, as have those who have Non-Article 5. Yeoman Warders, though drawn from ex SNCOs and Warrant Officers, are NOT serving members of the forces - they are snivelling servants. Consequently, some of those who hold Gulf 1991 decided to wear the ribbons of the two liberation medals. I believe that words were said and they have been instructed to remove them.
  7. Apart from the guidance provided by JSP761.

  8. Smoke-T-Bigfella

    Hey mate dont let a load of Matelot's slag you off, for your medal rack, that rack show's you've done a fair bit. At least been there. Wear them with pride mate.
  9. What on earth are you talking about? They've got an impressive rack of medals and should be rightly proud of the service they represent. Why would they want to add unauthorised medals (the service for which is already represented on their genuine rack)? The regs quoted refer to the wearing of unauthorised medals after leaving the services.

    Edited to add - got your drift now - thought your comment about the matelots was directed at me :)
  10. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I say again; you're a civilian now and unconstrained by the policy for wearing of awards and decorations on uniforms. The guidance on JSP761 is just that; guidance, and admits that, "on leaving the Service personnel cease to be bound by these instructions".

    Secondly the Kuwaiti, Saudi, Malaysian and NATO medals were not 'unauthorised awards'. They were just not approved for wear on the uniform of the UK Service Personnel. Her Majesty has consented their wear on the uniforms of other Commonwealth Armed Forces and you can wear them (or their denoting ribbons) on the dress tunics of civilian uniformed services such as the Police, Fire Services or even the St Johns Ambulance.

    In the end of the day, they're his medals, he's a civvie, he can do wear them how he wants. For Chrissakes, Indian soldiers during the Raj used to wear their medals looped on a string round their necks (without ribbons natch) when in mufti.
  11. Not disagreeing with you, just pointing out there is guidance out there and I personally think it's good advice. As for the other medals, they may be authorised to receive but not authorised to wear. Strangely enough, according to JSP761 the guidance for the NATO Afghanistan medal is "Medals issued by NATO HQ in theatre. No permission to accept. May NOT be worn" Strange that our J1 cell was busy issuing them at the end of tour then.
  12. Forget the rosette. Your mates will take the piss no matter whats on your chest! just wear your impressive collection with pride, and to prevent any extra ammo for the sailors i would leave the non article's off your rack
  13. If a bunch of matelots started ******* having a niggle at me and my rack while I was sporting them (Once a year outing) I'd have dropped the *****, one at a time
  14. I think the main question is; Why would someone with 8 medals feel the need to spend their hard-earned wedge remounting them all to incorporate the unofficial ones? I could understand (a bit) if we were talking about 1 or 2 medals, but 8?
  15. Superb !!!