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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by sigschick, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi all

    in 1998 i damaged my acl doing t o w and declined to have acl surgery. i have managed fine and never been downgraded etc. on leave my knee went again and i have gone through civvi channels to have the reconstruction surgery. i have been at home now for 9 months with little to no support from the army. my knee isnt healing or repairing as it should and concequencly other problems around it have occured. i have a medical review board comming up and have no idea what to expect, my friends tell me im going to have to do a desk job and return and be a biff forever i really cant think of anything worse does anyone have any info or case historys? worried about my future :)
  2. Sigs

    if youre at home on the sick, and you have been for 9 months - then I presume that you are on the Y List.
    so you dont really belong to your old unit, you need to address all your problems through them.
    If you are getting no assistance / help - contact your RHQ.

    ACL repairs are tricky creatures - you should have been downgraded - not as a personal insult, but for your protection (health and career protection).

    Being a 'biff' should not make you ashamed, it is to protect you and your future career.

    Rule Number One with rehab - do as you are told and dont cut corners