Med Regts

Has the Medical Regiment concept ever worked, it just seems to me that whenever we deploy we have to drag manpower from everywhere just to get out the door. Maybe this has got more to do with the size of the OET's that we have to fulfil. Anyone ever seen the concept work.
Med Regts were designed to support a Division in warfighting. No one Regt could function without the other GS supporting CS etc.

I believe that the concept was proved on TELIC 1.

What has changed is our policy of planning for the most likely not the most difficult operations. The likelyhood of a Div level focussed intervention is slight and the Bde is the 'unit of currency' for current ops and for the forseeable future, hence IMSB and the current need to TaskOrg bespoke Med Gps to sp enduring ops.
For doctors and nurses to gain the essential skills they require to deploy they have to work at the MDHU's and not Med Regts hene why thats where the majority of the manpower you have to trawl for come from, I think the numbers of nurses in Med Regts are increasing much to the detrment of the nurses professional employability I think, but I do see the advantages of gaining military skills but they dont require a three year posting to do that. :D

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