Med Regt to Field Ambulance?

Do i hear right, The Med Regt is taking a step backwards and down sizing to Bde Assets. Therefore more Regiments will be formed but will be the manning of a Fd Amb - Is this true.
Oh so the wheel goes around again. I bet someone somewhere had a really good idea and thought of this, without any idea of recent history.
all I have to say is lol
What a suprise :roll:

My first unit was an Armoured Field Ambulance and a few years after I left they started the change to Med Regiments just as they did from Armoured Workshops to REME Battalions. We said it wouldnt work and it was a waste of money but unfortunately took well over a decade for someone to admit another financial blunder. :x

On the bus, off the bus
I think that the extra manning wil come from attaching TA squadrons to the regimental strength, so the extra manning will be on paper, well monday to friday anyway

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