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  1. Question: Are the new Med Regt's a fantastic new innovation which takes the RAMC into the twenty first century of war fighting principles or is it just the RAMC's way of making some new slots for all ranks ? What really is the difference between the new Regt and the old Fd Amb apart from the obvious size difference ?
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    I think that with the amount of terminations in the Corps lately, we can't man all of the posts in Fd Amb's so i reckon its a way to cover losses.
  3. (slams tabs in)

    Never served in a Med Regt, Never want to. all iv'e ever heard is Gripes & whingesabout them, and that woz from CMT SKYGOD
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    CMT Clanker

    No doubt he'll have a pop at that one too. Belle*d
  5. Thankyou disgruntled for your remarks founded on pure gossip they will be noted in file thirteen ? Skygod there really is no superior being up at MCM Div covering up how many people sign off or terminate service ! You must have been watching too many X-Files. The concept of the Med Regt's was not produced as a cover up it was produced to give the RAMC the flexability to support brigades without difficiencies. However you are correct in so much as the manpower levels are not correct and as such Med Sqn's are having to borrow manpower from other med sqn's and as such soldiers are not having as much down time so maybe they dont work ? Disgruntled if you have never been to a med regt were have you been for the last few years ? please dont say a med centre ???????? SAD
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    Are we friends again?
  7. but of course

    Suppose we will have to be as it seems like there are only 3 CMT's on this Site lets stick together ?
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    In that case, if we are all friends, shall we go to the NAAFI bar and start a fight

  9. It seams to me that the Med Regt are a complete waste of time.

    On paper we are down as a med regt with all this man power yet two thirds of this man power is made of TA.

    Now that we are a regt we seem to get more commitments to forefill but yet i have yet to see any TA take part in any.  So now we are carrying Regt tasks but with a Sqn size manpower.

    Is this just my Regt. or is this the same everywhere?  I dont mean to gob off but **** it why not!   :mad: :mad: :mad:
  10. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
    Go on Newts tell em how it is !

    Hey what are you doing on this site get on the RLC site ?
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    Only kidding Ha Ha Ha
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    Congrats on 4 Stars SSM  :p
  12. Skygod, you really are so thoughtful, either that or that could be a dig. I really dont want to roll my sleaves up and meet you outside the NAAFI but I will you know !  ;)
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    First off, i don't know what a DIG is, a NIG yes but that i am not i promise you.
    I don't know what your gripe is - i thought we had this sorted: "We seem to be the only 3 CMT's on the site, lets stick together." You said...
    If we are to stick together try Hystoacryl !! ;D It sticks everything to everything as you know!!
    I was only complimenting you, don't make me e-mail an F-Med 8  ;)  

    It appears your sense of humour is on the floor? Get a life man FMED 8 had one before but it scratched my bottom tried an FMED 825 the other day on Ex but aggrivated the piles. Stop whining and talk sense.
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    I see that we ARE on the same wavelength!!
    respect   ;D