Med Plan

Just a quick question:
Anyone got an insert card (a flow diagram) for delivering the med plan in orders?
i.e. self aid -> extraction to Coy aid post -> field hospital

I just need to brush up on this.



Depends on the type of operation - assume you are talking inf ops. Generic these days would be - self aid, buddy aid, team medic - evacuation by Pl Sgt to CSM, Coy Medic, evac to RAP. For current ops you may have professional medics taskorged at Platoon level and a MO / Nursing Officer taskorged to the Company with evac from CAP / Med team to MERT. Also may require subtle changes depending on whether you are working as dismounts or vehicle mounted. Certainly for Herrick, ensure your guys are on the ball with basic triage and that signallers are happy with the 9 liner. A MIST report is needed as an adjunct to the 9 liner (MECHANISM of Injury, INJURIES sustained, vital SIGNS, TREATMENT given). Your medics should be able to give this information, but may have their hands full doing their job. Hope this is of assistance
Depends on what level you want. Captaincaos is right in his descripton of the mechanism of extraction from point of injury/wounding. If you need to know it for MK1/JOTAC try the Staff Officers Handbook in the Electronic Battle Box but I can't remember which part

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