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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jase2472, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. I am the CMT at our Sqn. I have as the Q for a med pack and i keep getting no further, do i get issued one or if i want one i have to supply it myself :x :x
  2. Have a word with the SSgt medic in Notts troop
  3. No, you will not have to buy it yourself. They are provided through LAND for training as and when you need them for training. On Ops there's more than enough med kit.
  4. You should have the standard issue med kit from the med stores,dressings,Iv kit,burns kit.Anything you can beg,borrow,steal or come across.The QM's will never give you the full issue as they class all CMT's as wasteful bastards. "STORES ARE FOR STORING"If you have any savvy,when you are on courses,attachements,med covers.If the unit concerned have lots,take some. as some units for some reasons get kit they're not scaled for.It's an experience thing.
  5. Does the TA do CMT courses ?
  6. yes CMT 3 & 1 at Keogh CMT 2 at York
  7. Is this the "combat medical tech" course and is it open to all regiments ?
    I did a Basic Emergency Medical Tech course years ago
  8. Believe TA are becoming CMA's (Combat Med Assistants), but believe the course is open to all.