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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by DR M, Jul 2, 2011.

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  1. I'm thinking of getting myself a better med pack because i can't get on with issued ones. As a MO I need a pack that can carry a large amount of kit! Any advice gratefully recieved!!!
  2. I have a few different med packs (strike/load carry/ extended patrol packs) which I will be selling if you are interested, they are all brand new and have all been tried and tested for the sf med group in both Iraq and Afghan or if you are not interested and would like some heads up advice about what works and what doesn't PM me and I will try and help you out. What do you want to use it for (short strike ops/civi work/afghan foot patrols etc) and what kit are you intending on carrying?
  3. These bags don't do the job that you will need it for. They are too big which means you will pack more kit than you would usually for that "just encase scenario" also it doesn't sit well on the back with the body armour and the material isn't the toughest on the market in short with med bags you get what you pay for!
  4. "As an MO you need to carry large amounts of kit". Why is that then big fella?

    Hopefully your a civy going on some gaaapppp year to skegness, if not and your deploying to Afghan you seriously need a reality check. Firstly remember you have CMT/NO's BATLS trained, who believe or not carry med packs as well. These guys will do procedures that will be the limitation in a field environment (CAT, Fluid resus, Surgical Cric, Naso, Oral, in extremities Chest drain)

    Secondly, you want to hump that kit for long periods do you?, good luck in that heat. First rule do not become a casualty yourself, or a hindrance to your patrol. Remember Afghan is a mature theatre so kit will be plentiful.

    If your an MO going ambulance chasing fair one you will need a big med pack, therefore can i recommend a Ford Transit Van.!!
  5. Bump, mine is still sat in its locker looking for a new owner
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  6. What type you got I might look at adopting it :)