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Med kit needed

Can anyone from a Med unit help me out. I am the medic at a non medical TA unit and getting med kit is like finding rocking horse sh1t, if anyone has any spare med kit they could let me have i would be grateful, i know it shouldn't be like this but sometimes its 100 times quicker and easier to ask on here(only asked the powers that be 12 months ago and got given 1 extra FFD)

Cheers in advance


If you are RAMC on a Regts Orbat then you should have Med ET scale which can be demanded through the QM like any other equipment, if you are on a training role you should have the equipment to allow you to perform that duty. If you are having problems you should highlight them through your Regt CoC if that does not work then use the AMS CoC they should resolve the issues for you. There is Medical equipment available it is Logistical problem rather than an availability problem but by trying to beg, stealing or borrowing the problem will not be resolved. Try contacting your nearest Med unit talk to the RQ he should point you in the right direction.

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