Med Grading for deployment.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by billywhy, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. Can any Med Guru's help me with this query.
    I have been graded P3 LE for a number of years due to a Hyetus (spelling?) hernia. I have during that time managed 2 Op Telic Tours.
    I was speaking to Glasgow today and when they asked me if I was deloyable and I informed them that I was P3 LE. They than stated that I was deployable on Telic only.
    Does this mean that Op Herrick carries a more strict policy on Medical Deployability or have I got the wrong end of the stick!
    To be honest (although I am no medal collector) I would probably rather deploy on Herrick - for the change of scenery!

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. i'm P3LE and was told i could deploy to telic (basra), or herrick (kabul only). something about base locations / lines of communication, can't really remember.
  3. I was advised P3 for me meant no front-line duties - abit of a "grey definition" I think. Is the front line Gate Alpha at the COB or an FOB on the edge of the green zone?
  4. I deployed all over iraq as P3 LE, it made no difference to my tours
  5. I have worked out that for Op Telic - P3LE makes no difference. I have done 2 tours there myself and been all over.
    Does anyone no if there are restrictions to serving on Op Herrick i.e. is there a complete ban or would I be limited to certain areas?
  6. Soon to deploy with my Sqn, we have been told that all the P3LE's have to unergo an OH assessment prior to deployment, and that they will be given recommendations... as to what they will recommend is anyone's guess!!
  7. thats becasue certain elements of the AMS wanted you dead! :wink:
  8. Subject to them carrying out an assessment of the risk, and dependent upon the formation you are deploying with requirements you can deploy. The gradings have by the way recently changed. The old P3 LE becoming P3 LD (Limited Deployability). There is no specific restriction for deploying on Herrick as a P3.

  9. How can you say tours? One tour in 22 years that got extended doesn't equate to more than one tour :D :D :D

    PS Kenya isn't a tour
  10. when deploying (inc BATUS)

    if your P3 LD then a medical risk asessment must be completed
    if you are P7 then it is up to ROHT to say wether you are fit to deploy.
  11. The mounting for Herrick is specific. Ideally you have to be P2 to deploy outside of Camp Bastion or the main Battalion FOB's. The ultimate decision rests with your CO upon the advice of the RMO. Prior to deployment you do your risk assessment and if your trade/qualifications are invaluable or no one else can do it then you go. The army has too many P3/P7 people to stop you all deploying.
  12. agreed. against my wishes, i was not allowed to deploy to helmand as i am P3LE. i was keen to go there, doctor was happy to accommodate my wishes, but the CO point blank would not accept the risk :(
  13. The mounting for Herrick is the same as Telic and BATUS.
    If someone is to deploy to an FE area then they MUST be P2. An RMO is the only person to allow P3 to work 'within the wire' and OM for P7.
    Its not up to a CO as he isnt the MO/OM. The chain of command always get twitchy when their train set shrinks prior to deployment but cant over turn/ under cut medical policy
  14. The reccommendations will be about what you are/aren't allowed to do, for example no heavy lifting or no drill etc. This is so that you/your health is protected as much as possible whilst enabling you to do as much as you can. Occupational Health will be making sure that you can be deployed/work in a certain area with the restrictions the MO has specified