Med Downgrade & Pay


Does anyone know if a med downgrade (to P3R) would result in a change in pay - e.g. from high band to low band (or whatever it's called in these wonderful post-JPA days)?

P3 LE Telic, Herick no problem depending on your rank, trade and capbadge, no change in pay scale either
OK - Thanks for that. As a suppplementary question, does anyone know (reference, if possible) if a P3R med status would stop annual pay increments?

I'd rather some background before I take this to my (TA) unit HR staffs...

References would probably be best found on Army Net in TA Regs or Army Regs, But as someone who has been down graded for a number of years due to Military service it hasn't affected either my Pay, Pay band, Increments, Promotion or anything else.


How can TA Regulations be superceded by "other instructions" :?

I was always lead to believe that a Regulation is a must comply, an instruction is merely a should comply :x
An example would be the maximum age limits contained within TA Regs, which have been impacted by the introduction of age discrimination legislation. The changes were promulgated by DIN, which is an instruction. TA Regs have not, last time I checked online, been amended to reflect this situation.

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