Med Docs and Career History Print out on JPA

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by theduke09, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. Just a quick one if I wish to copy my Med Docs do I need to request permission and also is this the same to print off my complete service records from JPA ????

    Thank You
  2. To request a copy of your med docs, you need to submit a SAR (Subject Access Request) Form to the Med Centre Ptactice Manager or write a letter requesting a copy of your notes. This can be quite a lengthy process as your notes have to be checked by a doc first to make sure there's bothing in there that you're not allowed to see.

    If you're quite pally with your medics, ask them for some help.

    Not sure what the process is for JPA.
  3. And why would there be anything in your docs your not allowed to see? Seems like a load of balls this system! Next time I've got hands on my docs I'm keeping them! Afterall all your docs are on computer now. I asked for a look in my P file the other week, got told they don't belong to me and I'm not allowed a look, what's that all about?
  4. Although your docs are about you, they remain MOD property. A doctor may have written something in your notes that is not for your to view (quite rare).

    Chances are, your medics will help you out if you get on.
  5. I've never had trouble getting a look at my med notes or P file before, I've worked with some very helpful people. I just can't get my head around the idea that someone would write something in your med notes that you are not allowed to see, surely it's your health and body? Can you give an example of something that would be doctors eyes only?
  6. Good question! I just got all my med notes from the Disclosures people in Glasgow. There is one thing missing, from what I can remember, but I think it is because it was an event simultaneous with another which was more significant.

    So.....what would not be suitable for a patient to see?

  7. "Dec 12th. Pte Bloggs reported sick this morning complaining of cold weather injuries. He reported wearing T-Shirt, Bermuda shorts and flip-flops, despite the snow outside.

    Prognosis: Pte Bloggs is a malingering fcukbubble and should be discharged immediately".

    Something like that?
  8. It's normally to get rid of 3rd person references. For example, "Pte Bloggs was caught screwing Cpl Smiths's wife when he was in NI and got a battering". They would remove the Cpl Smith bit. Errors sometime creep in as well, despite the doctor thinking he is infallible (what's the difference between a doctor and God? God doesn't think he's a doctor) and you could have you smoke 50 fags a day and drink a couple a bottles of vodka in your NAAFI break when this was the person after you in the waiting room. This would, obviously, have a pretty bad effect if you wanted insurances etc. Or it could be your missus telling the doctor she was the one sleeping with Pte Bloggs when you were away.
    Just simple things like this.
  9. Nah, that can't be it. Surely it must be something worse than I could have seen in my OJAR.

    More like: "Oops, I think I have misdiagnosed this patient's very severe complaint and may have prescribed more than double the dose of a powerful drug he doesn't need"?

    One of the things in my notes was an entry regarding a very sore back, while I was in 22 Armd Bde. He wrote, "This appears to be a commonly reported injury, in this unit, for this employment group". Oooooooh.....damning!
  10. exbleep has answered the question perfectly. Anything with a 3rd person reference would be removed. If Pte Blooggs was abusing his wife or children and his wife had made a statement without Pte Blogg's knowledge - this would be removed.

    It's not the norm to remove things from docs so if you've just had your usual illnesses and injuries, you shouldn't have anything to worrry about.
  11. Hmm quite interesting! Always wondered why they were so protective of them, so what's the crack with P files? I had a glance in mine a few months ago and found a letter to me care of my CO praising me for how I dealt with a serious RTA, seems it was left in his file 13 tray and he asked his clk to shred it. She found my letter and put it in my p file (nice of her). If I hadn't had a look in the file I would never have found out the out come of the crash or that the family wanted to thank me. Surely it's a file about me with stuff relevant to me in it?
  12. Unfortunately the MOD doesn't see it like that. I fully agree with you that you should have access to ALL infomation held on you.

    If you get on well with your medics, they'll probably help you out.
  13. thanks for all the replies i have got the SAR form but no idea about jpa print out for full service print out ????????
  14. jpa doesnt have a good one, but if you request your old unicom print out from worthy down, they will still hold that (by SAR)