Med discharged for a secong time with the same injury.

Evening all.

Help needed if possible.

I was mad discharged in 2005(for the first time) for a non freezing cold injury, both feet, while on exercise at otterburn(shudder)

It destroyed my nerve endings and resulted in me waving bye bye at the front gate. Any way I never claimed compensation as was going to try and rejoin. I failed many times.

So I applied for compensation and received an interim payment in 2013.
Happy days.

So I end up losing my job and decided to try and rejoin. Out of my amazement I was accept back in, declared fit to serve at selection, and was given my date to attended initial training again at Pirbright Oct 2015.

3 days into my training, time for a medical. Guess what, Told I was still injured and unfit for duty. Graded p8 at Med board and told to go home. Nice one. Appealed told to basically **** off.

So what do I do now, do I go down the civil claim route, or do I risk a review on my afcs compensation from veterans UK.

I'm pissed off majorly with how it been handled.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Cheers guys.
To be fair I don't actually know. There is absolutely Jack all wrong with me now I'm fit had no problems at all in regards to my injury.

Maybe I'm just being a twat as I thought all my Christmas' had come at once being aloud to rejoin.

Spoke to my local veterans UK rep who said its capita's fault for not doing there recruitment correctly.
Probably not what you want to hear but you have to be as culpable as Capita. You would have received a copy of your discharge papers which would have given the QR para you had been discharged under. Depending on which that para was depends on whether you should even have got further than a letter explaining that you had been rejected.

If the para you were discharged under intimated you were not barred from rejoining, any medical you were subjected to from day 1 could result in you being discharged again, either medically or admin.

I'd hazard a guess that as you were as culpable as Capita, the most you could get is a written apology and I doubt you'd even get that tbh. You certainly won't get any compensation as, in your own words, you were still injured, meaning the injury that has resulted in your 2nd discharge was down to the original injury which you've already been compensated for!

Chalk it off to experience, a bad one, but all experience is to be learned from.





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