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i injured my knee on an exercise and required a posteriolateral corner reconstruction. After the surgey i was told by the mo that i am gonna be discharged as i am only in phase 2 training (gib barraks re) and that i would not be able to reapply in 1 year like others can because under current army regs this is not allowed for this type of injury. Is this true and if so would i be entitled to anything from the army? as you can imagine not very happy about being discharged feels like i have waisted a year of my life and failed at the end.


The MO sets the time limits based on the injury. The good news is that at least they have not said you cannot apply again. I know it is a bit of a kick in the teeth but bear with it and you will get back. Best of luck.
As for your entitlement, you could contact the War pensions Agency (or whatever it is called now), they should know about your discharge anyway through the system.

I was MD'd out and didn't think about a 'pension' until they contacted me out of the blue, I didn't get much but it was nice that they contacted me without me asking.



Sorry to hear your plight, I was pretty pi55ed off when I was MDd...

If you do re-apply, persistant nagging can only be a good thing, I applied to rejoin about 11 months ago and I'm still waiting to hear the result of my appeal. In hindsite I should've set up camp on ATRAs doorstep (and will be doing soon)

As for the pension, there is(/was) a minimum service threshold before they pay out, although I'm grateful for what I get in return for 4 1/2 years service, it just about pays for me to wreck my liver once a month - and certainly not a life changer.

In the meantime, stay fit and stay positive - civvy life sucks.

(If I can find them, I'll PM you with the contact details of the army pensions agency)
Bad news lad - sorry to hear

but remember - you are a trained soldier, youve passed Ph 1.

get into rehab, get fit and re-apply

good luck matey

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