Med Discharge Whilst Pregnant

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tykelass, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. I'm hoping some of you more experienced Army, Ex Army guys could offer a little bit of advise because I'm about at my wits end.

    long story short: Eleven months ago my phase 2 soldier daughter was blued out of camp and it turns out she has a bradycardia arrhythmia and vagovasal syncope (passes out) now after a 10 day stay she was told she would be admin discharged on med grounds, weeks and weeks went by and her n hubby had an accident and she's expecting, was then told 'oh we can't discharge you now you'll have to take maternity and we'll discharge you later' She offered to sign disclaimer saying she understood it would be because of her med condition not pregnancy but no couldn't do that. More weeks go by and she hands in mat b1 form (not been processed). New MO arrives at camp and says 'oh yes we can discharge you but it'll be a recce? one not med... These are your options.

    1. Discharge yourself and we'll pay SMP (we advise this as best option because should your condition improve you can rejoin ( yeah right)

    2.We can discharge you (not med) but you won't be entitled to Maternity pay.

    She's now 35 weeks pregnant, stressed to hell. Can they discharge her without paying maternity pay? I've spoken to solicitor and he wasn't much help, rang RBL and lady I spoke to didn't seem to know... So here's hoping someone on here could advise.
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    Serious answers only please
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  3. PM sent.
  4. Thanks :) pm received and replied to...... I think
  5. It did!

    I've sent you some more links. Hope it all goes well!
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  6. From what I remember, when pregnant, they give you the option to leave immediately, or go on mat leave and return.

    It sounds as if they were confused by her being only Ph2 and on long term sick leave, then getting pregnant, which is an odd set of circumstances, but can happen obviously!

    They should (this is my opinion) be giving her maternity leave, then processing her med discharge, as they didn't process the med discharge quick enough for her not to get pregnant in the mean time (which happens). To discharge her in any other way (admin discharge/med discharge) now would effectively ignore the fact she is currently pregnant and employed by them. The delay on med discharge may also give her the option to prove her med condition has improved.

    It would also need someone to confirm the small print about getting pregnant while in Ph2 training and effectively making yourself unfit to soldier and not yet being established strength - I had a similar case when I was at Ph2 - soldier arrived from Ph1 with an injury and while on light duties awaiting the next training window, she got pregnant. That caused us to scratch heads and I can't remember if it's exaclt y relevant, as she chose to leave on her own.

    I hope she gets it sorted and in the right way - not fobbed off.