Med discharge query

Hi all. I'm new to this site but have been viewing for quite a while and have been grateful to see their are many knowledgeable people on here. Here is my query:

I am currently MND Temp and at my list visit to my MO I was informed once I had my hip op I would be made MND Perm. Is this the case? Surely the recovery period should be taken into account to see whether the op has worked. My further concern is that if I am made MND Perm the possible PAP 10 action that could happen. I have been suffering hip problems for three years and although I have just had an op on one hip the other is likely to have to be done in the near future.

In the current climate of cutting army strength I feel I may be the next in line. I am due in for med review soon.

Hope you can help.


It seems your GP is sticking rigidly to PAP10 v3 Chap 9 para 0905:


0905. From the initial award of a PULHHEEMS / JMES grade, a Medical Board is required for any mandated review or to change a JMES grade. An individual’s grade is to be reviewed when a period of sickness absence has exceeded (or is likely to exceed) 56 days (see para 070 08 ) or when an individual has been (or is likely to exceed) 56 days (see para 07 08 or when an individual has been (or is likely to be) unfit for full duties for a period greater than 56 days.

It's worth you looking at PAP10 to give yourself a bit of confidence in the system as it isn't just in place to identify people to discharge. Read Chap 9 para 0907 on the Types of Medical Board and you will see there's a lot of water flows under the bridge before it gets to the point of medical discharge or admin discharge on medical grounds.

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