Med Discharge info required please

Hi All im having a problem finding out any real information on this so i thought i would ask here,
in 2008 i fell on an excercise in the Falklands and hurt my back,i was made p7 and continued to have back problems ever since,ive been on the spines course and countless physio's ,now fast forward now to feb 2011 one of the disks prolapsed in the damaged area of my back and i was sent home on sick leave,i have been at home ever since not nice and very boring, ive had facet joint injections, didnt work, ive had 3 epidural injections they worked for about 4 weeks then wore off,occ health has moved all my med appointments to a camp near my house,and i have physio there every week, i have real problems sitting driving or standing for long periods of time and im constantly in pain ,which ive been told is cronic and probably wont go away,
the MO has started the ball rolling on a med discharge for me and a Col at aldershot has written a letter strongly recomending i be discharged now awaiting my med board,sorry for the long windedness of that bit but thought i should paint the picture first.

Anyway im on AFPS 05 and ive been serving for 16 years im a lvl 7 CPL on the lower pay band
if im discharged how is my pension worked out ? im 42 years old

do i for instance recieve a lump sum and a monthly pension like i would of if i had done 22 years ?
or my whole pension in one lump

or will i recieve a medical pension ie a lump sum and a pension,
and do they take into account that i cant realy do a lot in my present condition and will need physio for the rest of my life

also do i have to apply to AFCS for a seperate pension from them like the old war pension
sorry for all the questions but ive not had any one visit from my camp since Feb and that another reason why occ health moved my med care to nearest camp thank you to anyone who can shed light on all this
there used to be a booklet full of all the info you need, check with your medical centre for a copy.
thankyou however ive read this booklet but not much info about Med discharge and i found the booklet only deals with normal discharge and pension not med discharge
If you're sick at home you should be on the WISMIS and being visited by the WISMIS officer every 14 days or there abouts. You're best bet is to direct these questions to him/her. They are required to assist with all questions you may have. Are you going through the PAP10 process and have you been assigned to a PRU?
Thankyou for this info all of you, ive not had any visitors and not being Pap 10 ive not been assigned a PRU either all i get is my SSGT contacts me every 3 or 4 weeks to find out whats happening i have been made P0 and awaiting a med board thats all i know so far, i thought it odd i havnt had a visit as of yet
The important factor in AFPS 05 ill-health calculations is the Tier into which you conditions falls.

If it falls into Tier 1 you will not get a pension immediately - it will be preserved until you are 65. Instead you get a tax free lump sum calculated at 1/8 of final pensionable pay for each year served - so 2yrs (the scheme minimum is 6 months pay and the maximum is 2 yrs).

If your condition falls into Tiers 2 or 3, the pension is paid immediately. For Tier 2 it is worked out on actual service plus 1/3 of the service you could have given if you stayed until age 55. For Tier 3 the enhancement is 1/2 of prospective service.

AFCS benefits will be considered automatically when your pension is assessed.
thankyou so if i got tier 1 i would get 2 years pay tax free ie £60 k and pension at 65

tier 2 and 3 same lump sum and pension immediately ?
thanks again, do you know if i need to fill out an FMED 24 if so where can i get one from as im at home and not near my camp again thanks


Thankyou for this info all of you, ive not had any visitors and not being Pap 10 ive not been assigned a PRU either all i get is my SSGT contacts me every 3 or 4 weeks to find out whats happening i have been made P0 and awaiting a med board thats all i know so far, i thought it odd i havnt had a visit as of yet
I would suggest you contact someone in your unit other than your SSgt and ask why you've been downgraded from P7 to P0 without a Med Board being held. From what little info you've given (probably for good reasons) it appears your unit either aren't following procedure or they are not communicating what's happening in a way you can follow or understand.

If you want to pm me with your email address I can send you PAP 10 to read.
occupational health sent me back to my camp for the mo to make me p0 from p7 once they found out i had been home for so long so that my sqn could fill my position with someone else
my med center told occ health that they didnt know i was at home on the sick, at which occ health couldnt believe, and thats why they got my med care moved to a closer camp


PM replied to. It sounds like your unit must have gone to the same military management school as mine! The best way to look at the delay in processing you is that its extra monthly money which adds to your pension.

If you haven't yet joined The Legion do so asap as they will be a good org to have in your back pocket, also don't discount SSAFA as they have people who can advise on how to deal with SPVA.
thats a good read as im about to be put forward to the PRU Team after 6 months of being on sick at home on the O list.I have got 12 months to go before my 22years and i will be discharge as a P8 Cpl,but as per everyone else in this situation my paper work has been delayed for some strange reason. Plus no other info been passed on to me as to a pension
I'll say it again....all of these questions need to be passed through your WISMIS officer at your unit. If you're going in front of a Med Board there's a shed load of paperwork you'll need to complete; the FMED 24 (personal statement) being one of them. Whoever's running the Board - usually Occ Health - will make sure they have everything needed.

However, if you're not being visited by people at your unit then start kicking up a fuss; that's the whole reason for WISMIS. It holds the unit to account making sure soldiers are looked after and their questions are answered.
like wise many thanks for your reply,i have got a visit on Monday and i cant wait to baffle the shit out of them with my questions
due to originally i was on the PAP 10 Discharge process with all paper work completed

thanks anyway

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