Med Discharge and payments

Having tried everything I am here again trying to get any info I can. My hubby's last day is 31/8/12. Medical discharge P8. He has a number of conditions, including NFCI. He got his pension forecast yesterday, a lump sum and no pension til 65! He is 40!! We are both really confused, is the lump sum the only thing he will get? He is awaiting a decision from AFCS which we expect any day now. He has a number of seperate conditions but yet has been given discharge on Tier One! Basically, they are saying he is ok. Does anyone know if he would be entitled to anything else? We had hoped he would get some kind of pension, obviously not. He falls just outside the 18/40 rule, being 40 but only 17.5 years service! The lump sum is NOT life changing, didnt expect anything less.We are really worried about long term now.


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was your husband discharge in 2012. you said He is awaiting a decision from AFCS. did he put in for a claim?
Don't worry, her husband is five years closer to pension now.
Did she get the house and alimony she wanted in the end?

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