Med Discharge advice pls

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by mariner, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. Hi, I'm trying to get some advice on med discharge. My unit just give me their spiel but I don't know if that is the best thing for me.
    I was injured in 2009, Shot a couple of times. This caused significant damage to my leg and lower back. I now suffer with quite severe pain 24/7 although I take the meds and get on with things. I haven't returned to full service and just recently been recommended P8 by DMRC. To be honest I have been off the radar in between operations and rehab.
    The time has come where I could take a med discharge although my unit have said that they could employ me, although this would not be a mainstream job and probably not one that I would like to do.
    Please excuse me for being so naieve but is a MD worth more than holding out for my 22 pension (6yrs). Like I said I am in clip daily but don't want to be worse off in the future.
    Also could anyone spin any advice on what to expect in the med board.
  2. See your personal messages.
  3. If you like the life and feel that you could do what they are offering, then best might be to stay put? It says a lot about you if your outfit are willing to keep you gainfully employed. Besides which even as a fit Tom, you eventually as promotion overtakes you, are earmarked for a desk or the stores, if thats what they are offering you, you are simply getting there early? Moreover with only 6 to go, and your pension at 22 life can be financially comfortable.

    When I was serving, I broke my leg in two pieces skiing, the Reg I was with put me in charge of POL [Fuel], which I thought was a right bomber. Eventually turned out to be a real enjoyable 6 months, as well as fruitfull, as I was able to get on with my education and sailed through that part of my Senior Drills.

    Its s**t in a rat trap out in the UK's civvie street, and UK employers aren't exactly famed for taking on anybody who is 'disabled', even disabled ex-toms, hence the need for the Equalities Act, although to be honest that's not every employer.

    At the end of the day only your family and yourself can be the best judge of what is best for you, but on the balance of what you have noted, my money would be go for the full 22, besides which if the grind gets you down then the P8 door doesn't just disappear.
  4. Good luck with it all Mariner.
  5. I was P8 in '91. The option for me to stay got pulled after what I believe was admin. shenanigans by the MRO. Coincidentally I had 14 years in as well.

    Luckily I found a way forward which has worked. Even though your pension scheme is far superior to what I am on, I suggest staying in. I'm saying this not just to get your 22 in but because you still need time to adjust (you might not think so but you do). Keep a weather eye out for opportunities in civvie street just in case but, as has already been said, it's tough out here financially.

    Edited to add:

    At the moment I'd bet you aren't ready to leave. The mind set has to be in place to go. It was a heck of a jolt to leave due to P8 and it took me several years to settle down.
  6. Thanks very much for your advice.
    If I'm honest I don't feel ready to leave but I have a family that hates the life. We live apart when I'm working. They can't understand why I stay when I've been hurt.
    Financially I've been awarded a GIP and also eligible for AFIP. Does anyone know if I stay for another 6 yrs would that affect my GIP. Also what happens with a GIP of 50% and a 22yr pension.
    Thank you.
  7. pm sent