Med Discharge Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Mohammed_The_Bear, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. I've been out for a while now and i'm not up on current regs but if anyone can help out with this I'd appreciate it.

    My (now dead) mates son joined the army at 16 last year wanting to follow in his dads footsteps. He completed his ATR at Bassingbourne and went to Catterick for his phase 2 about 3 weeks ago. On Wednesday 19th he injured his knee ( I dont know the full extent of the injury but he can walk and weight bear on the leg ) and Today Friday 21st he has been told that he will be medically discharged on Monday 24th. Does this seem right to anyone. I would have expected him to at least have had physio and perhaps a back squadding but after completing 20 weeks basic training at Bassingbourne I dont understand how he can be just booted out in such a quick way.

    He's asked for and been refused an adjutants interview by his 2Lt, who is the guy that has "made the medical decison" to have him discharged.

    Does this sound right and does anyone know where I can find the right help and info to help the lad out. He's lived to join the Army since his dad died and he's heartbroken, personally I'm about to tab up to catterick and mallet his 2Lt.
  2. I fractured my foot in trainign at both Pirbright and Catterick and spent several months in rehab in both places.

    I knew a few people who were MDd from training and it was never a quick process it took several months.

    You could try phoning the ITC and speaking to his Company Commander or somebody like that
  3. I think the first thing you should do is:
    Contact him straight away and tell him not to sign absolutely anything.

    Obvisiously without knowing all sides of scenario advice is pretty much difficult to give.

    But do not sign do not sign etc.

  4. Something not quite right here, not least because a 2Lt is not in a position to make a medical decision. He's not medically trained for a start!

    From what I remember (and I stand to be corrected) a medical officer may recommend a discharge and in some (all?) instances it is up to the CO whether the individual can stay or not,. This depends on future employability ect etc. It may be that the 2Lt was asked for his input - but certainly not in his power to bin someone!

    Can I suggest that you hear the story from the other side before going off on one....It sounds as though there could be a breakdown in language/communication.
  5. Thanks to all above for your input.

    I've managed to put a call in to his Platoon Sgt, which wasn't easy as I'm not his next of kin, but I got there in the end. The up shot of it all is that his 2Lt pretty much hates all of the lads that come from ATR Bassingbourne, he's already binned two others that went up with him one of whom won best recruit at ATR. Sounds like the 2Lt is a prize chopper, anyway I've been assured that he's not going to be Med Discharged and that he'll be back squadded and put on physio.

    Thansk again to those that posted, my panics over.

    Cheers guys
  6. Suggest putting in a call to the CO. There's no place for Officers like this in the Army.
  7. 2Lt at Catterick?
    Are we not talking about a job in the realms of a full Lt or even Capt?
    Something's amiss... But I agree with dingerr; no place for them.