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Hi all, i have looked through previous posts but cant seem to find what im looking for. 7 months ago i had a 'funny turn' during PT, which was put down to a problem with my heart and very little was done until my deployment date came closer at Christmas. Since then i have been back and forth to hospitals and consultants but i have had no information regarding how my condition will effect my career and health, while most people are more worried about the deployment. Does anyone know where i could find a document that might outlay the restrictions medically on military service that might now effect me? I have been constantly harrassing doctors and have been finally told to just wait for someone to contact me. Easier said than done when you were told nearly two weeks ago that there is something there but nobody knows how it will effect me?
It's highly unlikely that anyone could give you an accurate answer without a specific diagnosis. I have a heart condition which took some time to diagnose, and the exact name of which I do not know (it'll be in my docs) which has absolutely no effect whatsoever on my career, health, employability, etc.
you want the old JSP 346 which is now called JSP 950. It's available on the intranet and I may have posted links to it somewhere on arrse. I can't remember, or bother to look myself.
Pulhheems administrative pamphlet may help too.

(WTF is this thread doing in the discipline forum?)
I got the diagnosis through hassling one of the consultants who got my scan results through but still nothing more since then. Thanks for pointing me towards the JSP, ill have a look and see what else i can get from that. Oh and its in this forum as when i searched the med topics, they seemed to be in here. Thought it was odd but the posts were getting replies too so thought it was worth a shot.

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