Med case - what happens next?

I injured myself in basic training and the wound became infected, this was not treated about 6 weeks, at which point I was admitted to hospital and placed on IV drips.

Following that episode I went back to work, but was not treated with the duty of care that I feel was warranted. For approximately 3 - 4 months the med centre were giving me light duties chits and painkillers / anti-inflammatories before finally being taken seriously and referred to physio.

After a few months of physio and no sign of improvement I was referred to a specialist consultant for surgery. I went for the surgery, which started as an arthroscopy, but ended up being open surgery.

Having had 2 weeks sick leave I returned to work and continued with physio to no avail. I then moved to a different unit on attachment and failed to get the appropriate treatment due to an error in communications and christmas standdown.

On review with the consultant I was told that my knee would not get better, and that I ought to be discharged. This was not what I wanted, and let it be known. When the information was relayed to my parent unit I was immediately detached and returned to work with extra physio.

Once it was time for my posting, back to the unit I had been attached to, I was told it was not an acceptable option for me to return at present and I was placed in a tech workshop for 6 months while I continued rehab. During this period I was sent to a Regional Rehabilitation Unit to do a 1 week knee specific course. The RRU supplied me with a physio programme and I was downgraded.

Since then I have been posted and am still continuing my physio programme, though there is no sign of improvement. I have recently been back to the RRU for a review, and on consultation with the Superintendant physiotherapist was told that I could continue in the Army downgraded due to the nature of my role in the Army. However, I do not want a career in the Army if I am goign to be unable to progress fully, I made this clear to the physio, and was told that the option was to be discharged. I was told that I would be given an appointment for a meeting with the Occupational Health Group to discuss my options.

I have continued with my physio since then, have arranged an appointment with my Senior Medical Officer, and an appointment with the Medical Officer at the RRU. Today I received a phone call from the OHG to arrange my appointment, and it seems I have been given the wrong end of the stick. Apparently I am not going for a meeting with the OHG, but for a Med Board.

Does anyone know exactly what this means, is this my last stand? is this the bit where they Discharge me? What happens next!?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Med board are the ones who assess your fitness and will make a ruling on your PULLHEEMS grade ie P3 LE P7 etc They will also see if you are fit for discharge or worth keeping. As long as you talk to them and let them know what you want they will do their utmost to help you out. It's not their remit to boot you out they just give an unbiased medical report for the CoC.

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