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Discussion in 'REME' started by thedurdles1, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. I m a electronic tech class 1, how do I go about getting my self onto a med and dent course, my aqms doesnt seem to know. Can i stay as med and dent tech then for the rest of my career, i ve only done 7 years. Also does anyone know the actual postings as opposed to the what they think they know.
  2. There is a posting at Catterick.
  3. Posting for med and dent techs - all large medical units 3 CS, 16 CS etc, all field hospitals: 22 (aldershot), 33 (fort blockhouse), 34 (strensall) and 9 Supply Regt (84 MSS), and a few end up at DLO Andover, although I dont remember seeing any at MDHU's
  4. Get your AQMS to ring records and speak to the correct desk (JM). There are very good postings for Med & Dent (Canada Cyprus) plus the usual medical units
  5. and Gibraltar
  6. Thanks for that one - i did know Paul S has recently left
  7. Check your PMs Durdles
  8. Hey Durdles.
    Were you ex inst 3rha recently. There's a med and dent posting in NI. Hope you get it. Beers waiting! The pipes are piping danny boy.
  9. Mad & Dent techs at 1CS Muenster, 3CS, 4GS, 5GS, 16AA, RNH HAslar, gibraltar, Brunei Med Centre, all the Fd Hosps, MDSS Bielefeld supporting the Med Centres (non-deployable post).

    On the upside you spend your life in units chock full of straight chicks (AMS isn't the lezza-fest that the RLC is) and have some very handy readily transferable civvy quals when you come out.

    On the downside the MCM Div does NOT know how many M&D techs are in the Corps or who they are. Consequently those in the Field Force get royally hammered for tours.

    Currency and competency and DES have all been missed by DEME(A) so you don't have to stress yourself about that bit of paperwork.