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  1. Am I alone in reaching the end of my tether with regard to Med Notes?

    NHS requirements, APHC req's, Unit Info demands ( despite the Amazon going upstairs each day!!) This is the third time in three postings I have had to feck around with 4's!

    Finally Pirbright 2002-2003 sent out soldiers without service med's who was the lax w@nker responsible?
  2. Take a deep breath.......no wonder your hair is all white/grey :wink:
  3. Mine went AWOL about 5 years ago in Glasgow. Right now my med notes consist of scribbled writing on the backs of envelopes held in a Tesco bag on the back of the MO's office door. Never mind eh?
  4. I thought 4's only went missing when you are in the process of taking out a massive med negligence lawsuit against the MOD.

    oh oh I think I'm getting bitter and twisted again!!!
  5. What do you mean again 8O You never stopped, did you :wink: