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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Waldorfmuppet, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. According to Armynet we have x number of Armoured Bn's and x number of Mechanized. As far as I was aware Mechanized was SAXON. But havent seen a SAXON in years! So is that still the taxi of choice for our Mechanized Bn's or are they using a combination of BULLDOG, MASTIFF etc?

    Or we just dont have time to mess about with different roles at the min as everyone is busy?
  2. As far as I'm aware, SAXON was designed and developed as an Internal Security vehicle in the 80's and bought by the MOD as a cheap form of battlefield taxi to transport troops to the frontline in North west Europe with the thought that it could withstand small arms fire and some shrapnel. The IS role (80's terminology) was largely forgotten It has not been well regarded since. During deployments in Former Yugoslavia it was difficult to negotiate on the narrow roads, even more so in winter. I'll now rest and let someone with up-to-date knowledge explain SAXON deployments in recent conflicts.
  3. I thought Mechanised Infantry was Warrior? Mind you they were still using BATCO and Clansman when I left.

  4. I was working off the asumption that Armoured was Warrior? But I suspect that the difference between Mech and Light role Bn's at present is accidemic!
  5. Wald

    I am so far out of touch it is unbelievable, I treat my brain as Memory Stick, I had to get rid of a lot of my Military Sh*t to make way for Civvy Sh*t.

  6. I was in 19 mech brigade before it changed to a light brigade. The armoured infantry (KINGS) were a warrior battlegroup. The other 2 were mechanised battlegroups using saxon.

    We supported them as a mechanised field squadron using 432 and spartan.

    In my opinion saxons weren't worth the hassle. Most times when we were on ex with QLR, DDLI or KOSBs they only used them as taxis to get a few miles ahead then dumped them in a zulu muster, after that it was virtually all light role. Might as well have had Dafs or bedfords.

    The QLR lads we were with on telic 2 didn't have much good to say about them, I think they would have prefered having warriors.

    I noticed the RGJ bn who were on telic 9 were using the new updated 432s known as bulldogs. Maybe that is what mech bns will use now instead of saxon. I remember this, as a vehicle comd had an ND with his gimpy as he was passing it into the back from his cupola and injured a few of his own blokes at shaibah during the RIP period when we were handing over to 19 bde.
  7. Roughly speaking, nowadays Mech Inf ride around in Bulldog. This may not be the case on operations which will be case by case, as required and may include the use of UOR vehicles such as Mastif. Likewise both Light and AI Coys may find themselves in a quasi Mech Inf role on operations with some sort protective mobility manned either by Coy personnel or another sub-unit.