Mechanical G10 back in stock

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MilitaryWatches, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. The hand wound G10 is back in stock but in small numbers, we ordered 50 and got 10 :( and after selling out our last batch in 24hrs I was hoping to get our full quota.

    Anyway, if you are interested please visit This Page - Click Here

    For those who ordered the 2007 G10BH PVD Version, all back orders will be filled by Wednesday 5th September. We will have some left over once these have been fullfilled.

    We have also received more G10BH GTLS Self Luminous watches with the mb-microtec sources in black PVD - Click Here

    And finally MWC also sent us a few of the Special Forces GTLS Auto divers and a couple of James Bond Homage (copy of the old 60's Rolex with auto movement)
  2. Do you think you could;

    A) Sort out your e-mail link on your website, as it bounced back my e-mails (one from my hotmail, one from work) as "undeliverable",
    B) Reply to the query I filled out using your online form asking why on EARTH you have next to no stock? Browsing your website for a watch last week I found most of your displayed items were "out of stock". Not very useful.

    Many thanks in advance...
  3. Try using the online form as that gets through our Spam Filter (usually). As we get close on 3000 spam emails per day I am afraid we have to filter standard emails heavily. As 90% of the spam comes from hotmail that is why it does not usually come through. Many online shops will no longer accept orders from hotmail accounts.

    Regarding your work account - no idea why that did not come through, however our site does indicate that your enquiries should use the enquiry form.

    Regarding stock levels. Most MWC and Traser are in stock. Aeromatic and Tauchmeister are made in such small numbers that we can never guarantee stock (an neither can anyone else who sells them) Luminox are supplied from one source and we do not control their stock levels, we just arrange discounts for our customers.

    Seiko and Casio are bought in from an agent who buys end of line or ex-contract stock and that is why we can sell the Pathfinders at about £70 less than Argos - however we can only get wht he has.

    Our 'Bread and Butter' watches are the Traser P6500, P6504, P6506 and chrono and the MWC G10BH and Mil-Tec Chrono. Apart from periods of 24hrs where we have had a rush on, these have not been out of stock for months. If you are looking for one with a Raptor strap or leather G10 then these are only available in limited numbers, we usually have a waiting list and these orders are filled first.

    Unfortunately in todays economic climate, none of the UK's main watch importers keep a huge volume of stock and so when we are getting close to our minimum order level we can not always guarantee that we will get restocked in the quantities we order. The mechanical G10 which started this post is a good example.

    By concentrating our stock levels on the bread and butter watches and not the esoteric ones that can sit on a shelf for 6 months we hopefully are able to fullfill most of our orders within 72hrs.
  4. Good explanation, however, point B does show I attempted to use your online form, sent the query off, but received no response.

    I accept that it's hard to maintain stock levels when you rely on end of line runs etc. but it would have been nice to have either been replied to or to see a change in the levels of stock over the few days I observed the site.
  5. Which particular model were you looking at? As for the email, I will check when I get back next week as I am on leave till the 10th (says this in the news section of the website) However someone is supposed to be checking my email while I am away.

    I have to do the arrse posts as I am the only one with an access to this account, so I get to check in most days. If you PM me the email address you use then I will see that it is put in the 'friends' list of our spam filter.