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Mechanical disasters


Book Reviewer
:twisted: Seeming as how i'm stuck at home now for a while i decided to help my eldest sprog fit a new barrel and piston to his lambretta.
Dont worry son says i , this is easy.
We spent all day stripping it down and then putting it all back together, just before starting it he said he wants his mum to see what we had done, so out she comes .
My son is just about to start it when mrs d says "whats that"? pointing at the floor.
We both look down and there right next to the scooter is the sodding piston ring.
OOPS :oops:
Guess what i'm doing tomorow?
Did something similar myself. In my case, I'd stripped down a Viva gearbox (really just to see how many bits were inside it as it was only the lever that was broken), put it together and drove off satisfactorily. I travelled to the local shops and pulled in nose first into a parking space. I went back to the car a little later, reversed out, but couldn't engage a forward gear.

I got home by driving 2 miles in reverse. (Out of interest, which side of the road should I have been on? It was fun as the route involved slip roads and roundabouts).

On the garage floor, I found the culprit, a 3mm diameter ball bearing - the reverse detent ball. In the absence of this ball, when I engaged reverse, the detent spring pushed into a hole that the ball would have sat on top of.

It was also fun getting the spring out of the hole with two feeler gauges in a gap about 2mm wide.

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