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Mec3s Class 1

Does anybody know what the new class 1 req, is . As bowman is now in ! I´ve just got the class 1 paperwork and it looks like the old style is out , ie theory of E , Ae, and all the really boring stuff ! It´s all Bowman , but I think this is only Regs ! In theory , the Bowman Adv Sig , is now the Class 1 , OR does anybody know better , Cheers
As far as we have been told for the RE class 1, at the moment there is nothing in place for TA class 1.

There are two of us at our unit been put through Clansman class 1 so when Bowman finally comes in the qualification will just transfer over. We have guys who need to get class 2 but again there is the same problem as to what will be involved with it.
Sound´s like , mmmhh Bowman / T.A. , no problem we´ll sort that out when a T.A. unit is bowmanised in the Future ! Our unit IS fully Bowmanised :)

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