Meat mincer/grinder/sausage maker.

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Grouchy, Dec 27, 2012.

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  1. Im thinking of getting some sort of mincer/grinder and have thought i may as well get one of the things which can make sausages as well . Any experince or suggestions ?
  2. Yes try the sausage thread.
  3. It takes ages. Roll the body up in a bit of old carpet and chuck it in a canal.
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  4. Im after a mincer/grinder/sausage maker , NOT equipment to grind up a mincer to turn into sausages .
  5. No? really?
  6. Have you tried using the medium of a cash / product swap in a place called a butchers?
  7. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Phone the provos, the one they used on Nairac maybe on Ebay.
  8. Hold on i'm not sure of my role here and whether you're wanting to eat me, cook me or use my culinary skills.
  9. I would respectfully suggest that you look at buying two separate machines:

    1. Mincer/Grinder, preferably hand operated as electric ones for domestic use are very poor quality - a geared up low powered motor is the most common fault unless you are willing to pay in the hundreds of Euros for a semi-professional machine.

    2. Sausage Stuffer - there is only one make, Weschenfelder. Based in Middlesborough, England. Mine cost around 200 Euros and came with a set of 6 nozzles of various sizes. This company also supplies casings at very reasonable prices.

    Need more information - please PM me

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  10. Didnt realise the sausage thread morphed into a make your own thread . Really want to know if the sub £100 electric things you can get from argos etc are any good for making own stuff to A} save money and B] so i know what im eating . Ive got a few old skool books on butchery and stuff and just want to know if anyone uses any of these type of machines . don't really want to buy a industrial german job just for occasional use . seems a bit OTT for my situation .
  11. Im not that German fella who advertised for someone to eat , sorry !
  12. Well, not so much 'eat' you.
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  13. Try Lakeland on the web or high street. Iirc they sell grinders mincers and sausage thingys
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Dont waste money buying cheap leccy mincers, if you are making 100 pound or so a year, buy a porkert hand mincer and get a good stuffer, my stuffer is from ascott small holding supplies and like wedenfelder supply everything needed. Now if you make 40 or 50 pounds a month buy the really goo ones but get £200 out of your account and when you are bored with it sell it on here!