Meat Loaf - Psychological Torture?

Now I'm the first to insist on dodgy Ethiopians found in Pakistan being deserving of the full treatment (not the luxury jet to RAF Northolt), however I was slightly bemused by the wording in yesterday's Guardian (not my usual rag, I hasten to add):

"Binyam Mohamed's account details how he was beaten with a leather strap, held down and punched by masked men, cut with a scalpel on his chest and penis, and subjected to psychological torture by being forced to listen to loud music, including Meat Loaf."

The leather strap and scalpel stuff sounds fine.........but forced to listen to Meat Loaf - this really is beyond the pale - we are talking serious human rights violations now!!

As an afterthought I trust that any US government facility are aware that this sort of music broadcast could be in breach of the Performance Rights Agreement, and attract royalties for Michael Aday/Meat Loaf.


It was actually only after ten hours of Barry Manilow that he confessed. :D :D :D

Should of played a bit of classic Bon Jovi: "I want to lay you down on a bed of roses, for tonight I sleep on a bed of nails...".

If you really want to dissect the wording, 'masked men' is driving my imagination wild, what kind of masks? Were they painted or decorated in any way? For instance clown masks, that could give him a phobia for life.

Wouldn't it be embarrassing in a sleep deprivation/any other kind of torture situation involving music if your victim starting singing along? I've been in a random girl's car at four in the morning with three complete strangers, united by belting out the lyrics to bat out of hell.
Random_Task said:
All Meat Loaf's songs sound the same anyway. It's about time he was brought to trial for his crimes.
I concur its utter dogshat - the fat lazt tw@t. I hope that all of his children are goats. Geri Halliwell is another who needs a good kicking and both hopefully join the ranks of Goody.
He's a nice bloke, Mearloaf, I met him at the Ant and Deck Pro Am golf at the Celtic Manor, and because he was dressed in golfing gear did not click who he was for some time, He just seemed like a tidy bloke for a golf nut. No I was doing security not playing golf
Anyone who moves in the interrogation circles will tell you that constantly being subjected to 'Dashboard lights' will send any man, no matter how hard or well trained in to an Air Guitar playing confesser after five exposures.

Rudolph Hess, escaped the hangman, because the Good Cop bad cop routine of 'Before we go any further do you love me' is a line soldiers all over the globe have heard at the moment before the trout that's been teasing you lets you plough her.

The song depicts accuratley the bloke agreeing to anything in order that he can just get his end away. then spending the rest of his life paying for it.

Rudolh Hess worked along side Meat in the seventys and Bat out Hell was born...... Soviet spys crumbled everywhere, air guitars, air pianos and the revving of imaginary motorbikes happened in detention centres all over BAOR.
So can I make a claim against the Gubment for torture, human rights violations etc?

Cos during my time in Munster in the early eighties, every tom, dick and knobhead would play the bloody meat. You could walk the barrack corridor and hear a different track from every room. On the odd occasion, when synchro was optimum, you could start walking to a track and it would follow you along the corridor, each verse coming from a different room at a different volume.

I still carry the scars.

(Having said that, I did see him in concert once and, by the cringe, that bloke can belt 'em out)
They're not that bad, there are far more worse singers than him out there.
Get out of the NAAFI you blob of dung. When we want the opinion of someone stupid we'll fart as an indication you are required to speak.

Don't hold your breath though, unless its for eleventy eight minutes.

Bugsy said:
It was actually only after ten hours of Barry Manilow that he confessed. :D :D :D


Actually, it was Daniell O' Donnell's greatest hits :D :D The Septics were about to stick on Dana and her Christmas Time favourites, but the head honco reckoned if you played Dana's CD backwards you can hear satanic messages :cry:




War Hero
Meatloaf is the source.
Bat Out of Hell is an inspirational call to arms for all rightious men. And very descriptive of many red blooded young mens sexual morals.
Ols Meat must be a mega bloke, otherwise why would all them gorgeous chicks sing to him in his videos. Bet Phil Collins hasn't had a supermodel serenade him.
As for torture, it's simple. At about 500 minutes long the torturer doesn't have to keep restarting the music.
And anyone who doesn't like Meatloaf is probably a vegetarian who likes Abba and Cliff Richard.


War Hero
Meat Loaf??????
I don't often talk about this, but ........ when I was a POW in 'Nam, I was regularly....................
'sob' ...... regularly forced to listen to ......'sob' ................... Bjork .......... I'm sorry for breaking down like that chaps, but Meat Loaf is great in comparison............ 'Sob, Sniffle'.
Having spent a year working for Sainsbury’s nightshift, in between soaking peoples jackets, putting a broom through the sleeves ala scarecrow style and then putting them in the -21 degrees freezer for a few hours, and throwing items such as their car keys / wallets in the vending machines so they would have to buy them back, I used to revel in concocting random CDs to torment the poor chavs under my command, Soundtrack to the wickerman, mouldy old dough, captain Lockheed and the star fighters, the wurzels, beatles Vs Kraftwerk and many more featured on my eclectic mixes. Then, and only when the little darlings calmed down, stopped sniffing the tampax ( true story ) and started grafting were they allowed the various clubland and trance nation albums.

Regards BeastAs

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