Meat colonge

BBC link

The BBC said:
American fast food chain Burger King is marketing a men's fragrance with the scent of meat.

Called Flame, the company says the spray is "the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat".

The scent is on sale in New York for $3.99 (£2.65) and through a website that features a variety of romantic images - but no actual burgers.

Its character the Burger King is also seen reclining almost naked in front of a log fire with whipped cream.

The website for it here is funny, but not as funny as the "customer feedback" on the website you buy it from. It smells of one big wah that people (if journos can be called that) are falling for :D

edit to add picture


have'nt they not also got one that smells of sports locker-room????>
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