Measuring Distance Run

Have used GMaps pedometer for some time now to measure running distances. Always thought this was accurate, as I checked some routes with the car mileometer. Now got a garmin, and finding that the garmin distances are often greater, by anything up to 0.2 miles. this is, say 200 yards, which is quite significant if trying to accurately measure run pace etc. I am now tempted to go back to using the car speedo again!

I recently ran an offically measured race, and the garmin distance was way out, or was it the method that the race organiser used to measure the distance? who knows!

Anyone with any experience of what is most accurate.
I've got a Garmin Forerunner which I use when I'm reffing Rugby and it seems to be very accurate. The resolution is better than claimed and a lot better than I expected. Comparing with Map your runs it seems to be ok.
If the satnav loses it's signal for a bit then you can't rely on it's distance measurement. One way around this is to load the data into something like SportTracks 3 which allows you to edit your route on a map. I used to use a Garmin Foretrex which seriously lost the plot sometimes; then moved onto a Forerunner which was better but not perfect.


I used to use map my run but found all the ads and things annoying....I use instead now much better in my humble opinion
You're right abou the ads, I've also found the running diary 'Scheduled Run' feature is a bit hit and miss so I'll try Mapometer- cheers.
Thanks for tip about Mapometer; it´s revolutionised my training! I´ve been pissing about marking off the distance on bits of paper and map scales, as taught in basic. Now I have all my routes properly marked, with the correct distance and elevation. The running log is pretty useful too.

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