Meanwhile, in the VIP lounge at the airport...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Vegetius, Jul 27, 2005.

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    ...Our Home Secretary, Mr Clarke, cracks open his holiday reading (probably Das Kapital), takes another early-morning sip of Veuve Cliquot and crams a custard danish into his trap.

    Yes, he's off to sunny spamland for his hols, because there's nothing much happening at home to worry about, is there?

    Seeya, Charlie, have a nice time. Can you grab us a carton of Marlboro Lights in duty free?


    p.s. and we thought TCH was the ultimate in inappropriate holiday-making?
  2. Clarke is showing how finely tuned his self preservation skills are along with any other labour tosser thats going abroad, they know the sh*t is about to hit the fan but if they aren't here it aint their fault.
  3. Cutaway

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    As he's away on a private holiday, I can assume that if 'circumstances call for his presence' he will be paying for his amended ticket out of his own pocket ?
  4. He is, B.Liar goes on holiday this weekend :?
  5. While I can envisage all sorts of situations that might require the Home Secretary's presence in the UK, I can't think of a single one that requires Charles Clarke's
  6. You have a way with words, but I totally agree with you, but extend that comment to ALL politicians (except Michael Portaloo as I've had a cup of tea with him, charming bloke).
  7. Radical, it's Current Affairs, not the Naafi Bar.
  8. I heard a Met police chief commenting on the fact that many forces have been stretched by G8 and the tube bombings in the last 3 weeks....he said that while many officers had their leave cancelled, those who had actuall spent money on booked holidays would be allowed to continue on them.

    I wonder if Charlie ordered that to happen so that he didn't look like a complete d.ick when he jetted off for his own hols.
  9. Oh, I don't know, does the country really need them to be present? Most of the work is done by unseen secretaries, who have got a considerably higher IQ than the 600 or so pot plants in parliament.
    Let em go, just hope they seek political asylum when they get there.
  10. Of course you could take the view that he is carrying on with his normal life and not letting the situation stop his pre-planned holiday. A point that is made frequently at the moment is how stoical we are and that we shouldn't let these b*ggers change our way of life. I am also sure that, with today's comms systems, he can be kept up to date with developments and, if necessary, be back here within a few hours.
  12. Clarke is a c0ck, plain and simple. Apparently he is nicknamed "the Chief Super" . I think he should be nicknamed "the Inspector" and put onto the case of the Pink Panther...

    Bliar is only covering for him because he is p!ssing off on holiday with the Wicked Witch (Malaysia isn't enough for her) and wants to avoid the flak. Apparently, newspapers have been "requested" not to reveal the destination of the Dear Leader and the First Lady. Why? Everyone knows the Queen goes to Balmoral. I reckon its to spare their freeloading blushes.

    Answers as to their destination (on a postcard :twisted:) to this thread please! Please - no cozzie-and-cellulite shots of the Wicked Witch!

    The ego of Bliar clearly knows no bounds. Say what you like about Charles Kennedy (ginger etc) but at least he took the Tube the other day.

  13. Zapatero got his job off the back of a terrorist incident. As such, he should wind his neck in.