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'Blue on blue' takes toll on Brown's old guard

"They call it "blue on blue" - military code for coming under attack from your own side. Normally used on the battlefield, the phrase is heard with increasing frequency in political contexts.

The departure last week of Spencer Livermore, the senior strategist who was one of a tight-knit group of aides who have been at Mr Brown's side for years, was a clear symptom of what one senior Labour MP described as the "carnage" inside No 10.

Mr Carter, recruited from the world of PR, was given

a brief of "shaping up" Downing Street in the wake of the series of crises which hit the Prime Minister's team at the end of last year.

Joining Mr Carter were Jennifer Moses, head of special projects and a former Goldman Sachs banker, and David Muir, a high-flying advertising executive who has taken Mr Livermore's old job title.

At the same time as Mr Carter's appointment Mr Brown announced the return of Jeremy Heywood, a civil service high flyer who worked closely with Tony Blair, to head the administrative side of the new-look Downing Street, as permanent secretary.

Unsurprisingly, the arrival of the newcomers caused intense disgruntlement among Brownite old hands. The key members of this group are Sue Nye, Mr Brown's long-standing "gatekeeper" and director of government relations, Michael Ellam, a former Treasury official who is the PM's official spokesman, Damian McBride, his political press adviser, and Ian Austin, the Labour MP who is his parliamentary private secretary.

What has not been revealed before today, however, is the true depth of the ill-feeling and how resentment towards Mr Carter is now filtering up the food chain.

As so often, problems are exacerbated by the layout of offices, particularly in the cramped confines of Downing Street. One side of the long Cabinet room on the ground floor of No 10 is Mr Blair's old "den", used by Mr Brown to write speeches. On the other side of the den is the private office where Miss Nye can be found, along with Tom Fletcher, a senior foreign policy adviser and Leeanne Johnston, Mr Brown's diary secretary. On the other side of the Cabinet room is an office used by Mr Heywood, Mr Carter's deputy Gavin Kelly and Mr Carter's hard-nosed PA Christine Drury, herself a figure of much interest to No. 10 veterans. If her current salary matches the £70,000 she was earning at her and Mr Carter's former employers, Brunswick PR, she will be earning more than any of Mr Brown's long-standing political advisers.

To add insult to injury, the former occupants of this room, who have now been turfed out, were a quartet of Brownite veterans - the MPs Mr Austin, Tom Watson and Angela Smith as well as Fiona Gordon, a policy adviser.

Adjacent to this room is an office used by Mr Carter.

Last week's "political" session of the Cabinet saw Mr Carter ordering ministers to divide up into tables of six or seven to discuss specific issues. This went down like a lead balloon with many senior ministers who described the exercise as like something that would happen at a primary school. Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, is understood to have privately voiced a withering assessment of the "current state of cabinet government".

No 10 staffers who survive from Mr Blair's period in power are withering in their assessment. "I am shocked by what's going on," one said. "It's blue on blue - and it's worse than even the worst days at No 10 under Tony." Their analysis will make uncomfortable reading for Mr Brown: this is what happens, they claim, when people are brought in to run a political organisation when their first loyalty is to themselves.

Last night a spokesman for Mr Brown dismissed reports of internal unrest as a "media creation" and said the team around him was "united". But the jungle drums are beating a different rhythm and it is clear that the Prime Minister has a very difficult task before true harmony is restored."
Somebody should remind these fcukwits that blue-on-blue incidents refer to moment when men and women that they put out in the field run high likelyhood of being killed or seriously injured. It doesn't fcuking mean that some suit has had a go at another suit and hurted the pillocks feelings. The useless arrse-wipes should grow a spine and get on with it.
Remember Joyti De-Laurey, the Goldman Sach secretary who nicked millions from her super-rich bosses?



When she was approached by her secretary in November 2000 with a request for a house loan, Mrs Moses had little hesitation in handing £40,000 to Joyti De-Laurey. The 42-year-old former managing director at Goldman Sachs had built up a close relationship with her personal assistant since her role as a temp was converted into a permanent post in 1999. Such was the closeness between the two women that De-Laurey was asked by Ron Beller to help organise his wife's surprise 40th birthday party in Rome. To show her gratitude, the banker gave her PA £5,000 in cash and jewellery worth £800.

But unbeknown to Mrs Moses, De-Laurey was at the same time raiding her bank accounts. When the time came to pay back the £40,000 loan, she did so using her employer's own money. Such was the couple's lack of suspicion about the true nature of De-Laurey's dedication, they offered her £52,000 a year to work for them when they left Goldman Sachs early in 2001.

Mr Moses, btw, is Ron Beller. That would be the Ron Beller who founded Peloton Partners, the hedge fund manager whose main fund collapsed last month after a series of crap bets on US sub prime mortgages.

Her other claim to fame is that she set up this favourite Blairite bonkers think tank:

And now whispering into the Broon ear......
I was hoping to hear that they had all taken cyanide and the met plods were burning the bodies as we post.
Did the man in the suit say nasty things to you? ahhh diddums
If they can't take criticism, why are they even in public life?
Big boys games .

Get a life and get on with it
Bunch of Liarbour bed-wetting,money-grabbing,back-slapping arrseholes.


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I often think of the cabinet and Downfall as one and the same
Broon (and Blair previously) out of touch moving non existent armies round "lets send the BAOR to Iraq" (cue nervous looks and you tell him nudges from senior officers) whilst shouting the people of this country deserve everything they get I've shown them the path to glory and they didn't follow it

I agree with MikeMcc aswell maybe some ****** could show them the real meaning and pain caused by blue on blue

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