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Where ?

from S of S' speech to the Indian Head-shed, 5 Oct 05
full text at:

"Let us also recall the reason why the international community is involved in Afghanistan today. This was the source of the attacks of 9/11 on the USA which indiscriminately killed citizens from your country and mine. Terrorism must never again be allowed to spring from the ungoverned space of Afghanistan. That is why Britain stands ready to support the expansion of the UN-mandated ISAF mission in Afghanistan. Next year under British command NATO's Rapid Reaction Head Quarters will deploy to take over the mission. In addition ISAF will expand its operations into Southern Afghanistan and we are currently considering increasing the UK's military presence to support this expansion. No final decisions have been made but we are in detailed discussions with our NATO allies about this new deployment. We will ensure that we have the right force package in place to build the secure and stable Afghanistan we all want to see. This will require the implementation of a comprehensive programme that addresses economic, political and social challenges, that supports the rebuilding of policing and judicial systems, above all that gives the Afghan people the peace and security they so desperately need.


"It is also a matter of considerable pride to both our countries have been such significant supporters of UN Peace Support Operations. India ranks 3rd in terms of personnel currently deployed on UN operations and is second only to Canada in terms of total numbers deployed with over 71,000 personnel having served in 42 missions.

"If there is one theme that dominates all of our thinking on defence and security, it lies in globalisation making us all part of an increasingly crowded and integrated world. No country, not even the US, can act entirely alone and hope to achieve peace and stability. On the other hand, joint action by like-minded countries can and should be a 'force-multiplier'. Indeed, if we are to hope to find a solution to serious problems facing us – terrorism, narcotics trafficking, maritime security, environmental damage, failed or failing states – then we have to act together. This is why I believe the relationship between India and the UK – two like-minded democracies with shared values and aspirations – is so critically important."
Be interesting to see if Angela Merkel changes the German stance towards troops for ISAF.

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Just that....

Our goal must be to get German troops out of Afghanistan and home as quickly as possible rather than sink in the Afghan swamp," Willy Wimmer, a former junior defence minister, told Saturday's Koelner Stadt Anzeiger, according to an advance summary.

"The Pashtuns are fighting for ethnic goals, not democratic niceties," Wimmer added, referring to Afghanistan's main ethnic group, of which President Hamid Karzai is a member.

Germany is the biggest contributor to a NATO-led peacekeeping mission (ISAF) of 10,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan alongside a separate force of mainly U.S. combat troops.

The German parliament is due to decide soon on a proposal to increase the number of German troops in the country to around 3,000 from the current 2,250.
If Afghanistan is the forgotten theatre, the contribution of non US/UK forces to the headcount is practically unrecorded here.

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Like to see them cut more units when we are now putting in a whole Div, in there
Like to be a fly on the wall of the spin meeting between BLIAR and Reichsminister Straw


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A whole div? Where did that one come from, I thought it was gonna be brigade level deployment? I knew what brigade was supposedly going, but what div? Anyway, didn't you all listen to the nice MOD press secretary, nothings been decided yet........honest.
Ok stand corrected , it's a brigade.
Not a lot of difference these days, certainly not in the British Army


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I wasn't correcting you, I thought it was bde that's all if you've been told div. then wait out I guess.
Difficult to state precisely what's going to Afghanistan, bde or div, since it's all so messy - not to mention changing almost by the minute. In terms of total numbers, it'll be along the lines of a brigade strength, but it will be excrutiatingly top heavy. ARRC (corps level HQ) is to deploy as the overall HQ ISAF - so that'll be 1,000 UK troops and not a single one of them a 'teeth' arm; and supposedly 16 AA Bde as a sub-HQ. Within 16 Bde there will be 3 'battle groups': 2 inf and one apache. All in all, we'll have 5,000+ troops in theatre of which just 700ish will be 'fighting' troops.

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