Mean Council!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LordVonHarley, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    He can forget having his legs amputated! If that fat cnut goes for a jog, he'll wind up in splints for years - that'll actually sort his legs out.

    As for the council, I can see why they refuse to move him. It takes them 3 years to get a repair done, so the bloke who has to widen the doors of his current house to let the fat wnaker out may be sometime. There is no point offering him a bungalow for the next 6 years because that's TWO repairs on two properties. The council are probably hedging their bets - £50.00 says he karks it before both repair jobs are done.
  2. LVH,

    I fear that the foreign word in bold above is neither uttered or fully understood by this f@t lump of human waste :x

    Next thing the council will have to widen his door to the proportions of an aircraft hanger to get his ample rear to the pvement. Which by the way will have to be reinforced!

    I very much doubt that pie boy will have to worry about eating and access for much longer :twisted:

    I'm not feeling sympathy this you can tell :evil:

  3. "Now the keen chef wants council bosses"

    Very bloody keen if you ask me.
  4. Amputating his arms would be better.
  5. That goes to show the council arent mean...they've offered to amputate his legs!! Now if thats not instant weight loss I dont know what is. He'll lose at least 20 stone in a day there. Feckin brilliant diet if you ask me.

    Then he wont have to go for a run, he can go for a roll!!!

    A roll!! geddit??

    My coats on already 8O
  6. I know this is the NAAFI bar, however this guy cannot be totally blamed for his vast size - he has a medical diagnosis that would make it very difficult fro him to lose weight.

    Prada Willi The symptoms
    I am not saying he is totally blameless, regarding his size. And whoever helped him make his career choice needs a bloody good kicking - it would be like telling a sex addict to become a prostitute.

  7. Prada Willi Syndrome is yet another excuse for fat cnuts to carry on troughing.

    Less food in mouth equals less fat on body.

    I can't recall seeing any fat Belsen inmates on the documentaries, probably because they weren't allowed access to McFats or Burger King.
  8. yes he has a medical condition which means he puts on weight, but surely the onus is on him to manage his condition properly. Its no ones fault but his own. Have the balls to take responciability FFS
  9. If he has Prada Willies (the eating disorder and not the fashonable c0ck) then his Mother should have locked food cupboards and installed tough love. She is killing her son will food. It's like a Mother buying Heroin for a smack addicted child.
  10. How come no Ethiopians have Porka Willi syndrome?
  11. I have just noticed what's on his T-shirt ...."Deep sea fishing" ....... Capt Ahabe, White whale a head!
  12. Not necessarily true. It's exceedingly hard for people suffering from this condition to manage it themselves. Imagine the hungriest you've ever been. Double it. That's how someone who suffers from it feel all the time.

    Still, he's wonderfully fat. He could earn a pretty penny on the fettish market with a webcam sitting there all day with his tackle out. If you can see it under the roles of flesh of course.
  13. I bet if there was no food taken into the living room for 24 hours he'd find he could get through the door.

    Idle fat bastrad
  14. Good on the council (and it's not often I say that!) It's good to see natural selection at work.

    A jog ... Surely a slow waddle of a walk, even if he good manage a jog think of the noise pollution and affect it'd have on the neighbours houses!!