mean boys...

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by cheetarah, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. Why are all boys in the army invariably all flippant @rseholes?

    My husband is about to re-become one of you and I would like some insight before he turns.

    Just to give me some comfort on the cold nights when he's off down some lapdancing club, talking in abbreviations and getting down fro some homo-erotic wrestling with his comrades... which (according to some on this forum), is an inevitable reality?
  2. I will comfort you and give you succour my dear
  3. you'll only dump me for a lapdancer afterwards..

    thats no comfort.
  4. Embrace it! It's good for you and character building also.

    Sounds to me as if we've met before?
  5. Likewise, (almost) all women being snakes sent by the devil himself to do his work on earth is an inevitable reality, but we dont drip do we? Dry your eyes

  6. oh dear, looks like they have met online, theere will be hell to pay when he gets home love

    Babooshka by Kate Bush

    She wanted to test her husband,
    She knew exactly what to do,
    A pseudonym to fool him,
    She couldn't have made a worse move.
    She sent him scented letters,
    And he received them with a strange delight,
    Just like his wife,
    But how she was before the tears,
    And how she was before the years flew by,
    And how she was when she was beautiful.
    She signed the letter:

    All yours. Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka - ya-ya

    She wanted to take it further,
    So she arranged a place to go,
    To see if he,
    Would fall for her incognito.
    And when he laid eyes on her,
    He got the feeling they had met before,
    Uncanny how she
    Reminds him of his little lady,
    Capacity to give him all he needs,
    Just like his wife before she freezed on him,
    Just like his wife when she was beautiful,
    He shouted out, I'm...

  7. Why, that's one of my favourite songs! :D :D
  8. moi aussi
  9. i make sure you are alright love.
    pm me for some fun.
    what do you look like i would love to know you better.
  10. oh PERLEEEEZ
  11. its Worth a try.
  12. well, I suppose you were just excercising you right to...erm free speech :D
  13. ha ha you got it in one fella.
  14. Yeah, whatever! :roll:
  15. No, no ignore him Cheetarah...I will merely suck comfort involved!