Meals your Mum made that you hated

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by krd, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. krd

    krd Old-Salt

    My mother was German and used to produce a vile concoction of boiled pork ribs, cabbage and potatoes. Had this horror every Tuesday without fail.

    What horrors do you recall that your parents made you eat?
  2. Mince and plum tomato, with massive chunks of onion in it. Accompanied with boiled spuds and peas.

    Runny and gop
  3. Monday tea - cold cut of whatever meat from Sunday, bubble and squeek, mash and bloody beetroot! (Still can't eat the stuff)
  4. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    ******* Roast Chicken every ******* Sunday, though i'd nip to the chippy with my pocket money and buy fish and chips every time, then told my mum i wasn't hungry. She soon got the message!
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  5. Vegetable bake - even the dog wouldn't eat it :puker:
  6. I can't think of a single meal my mother made (or still makes) for me that I didn't enjoy, obviously I'm an awkward ****** who doesn't eat fish or mushrooms - but that aside, she really is an excellent cook, with absolutely fantastic sized portions.

    Stews, soups, roasts and puddings - all are spot on. I'm sure she's one of the original "fusion foodies", we used to get some right random as **** meals, but somehow they always worked. She's by no means a professional cook and doesn't 'do' posh food, just proper traditional food done really well.

    If there's one thing I will always thank and (hopefully long in the future) remember her for is her food and how she brought up my sister and three brothers nigh on, on her own as my Dad spent a lot of time either working abroad or exceptionally long hours, as you would have to to support a family of seven.
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  7. You posh *****! Try tripe and onions!
  8. Would you consider renting her out for the odd weekend? Cause my mother couldn't cook for shit and neither can my missus!
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  9. What did your quorn chicken look like? What made her think it would like nuggets?
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  10. you Sir have plumbed exceedingly low depths.

  11. I'm like that!
  12. No negative connotations intended - admiration rather.
  13. My mother never even tried. For which I am eternally grateful.
  14. I share your pain. Funny enough, my dad was the "chef" in our house, as he was pretty much house-bound after breaking his back down the pit. He was an expert at clearing the Chicken carcass after the Sunday Roast - I can still vividly recall the sucking sounds more than 40 years later!
    I can't remember our Mum making much other than salmon paste sandwiches for Sunday Tea, to go with the crisps and a chocolate biscuit! Happy days.*

    *"You tell the young kids of today and they won't believe you". :)
  15. X59

    X59 LE

    Stovies. Minging.