meals out allowance

is anyone else having problems getting their meals out allowance with all this shit about receipts, and must be a single receipt bought on the day etc???
or is it just my unit???

it is what it says allowance, so if we are entitled to it, just f***in give it us and stop trying to swindle us and penny pinch.

i am not going to go and pay out more money by buying the food i eat on a daily basis, making it more expensive, and time consuming.

as long as i can produce a receipt for the items i buy for the week, and it is more than the £1.56 i have to spend to be entitled to the allowance, whats the problem??

another mod penny pinching package reducing couldn't give a rats arse about you exercise !!
dont forget that you are entitled to £5 per day incidentals (if staying overnight) in the uk or £10 per night if abroad. NO receipts required.
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