Meals Out Allowance MOA and JPA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by roverkill, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Last night we had JPA training and were told about the MOA or meals out allowance. On a drill night if you dont have time to prepare yourself a meal before you leave for the TAC you can buy yourself a prepared meal and claim this back on JPA. The max you can claim is £3.89 you do need to get a reciept for this also you must claim at least 2 meals per calendar month.
    To claim MOA:
    Access JPA & select B-JPA Expenses & then select Create new expense claim. Change the type of claim to other duty travel & insert PSAO as the authority. No other details are required. Select next and at line 1 under expense type select Meals Out Allowance via the[v]. In the details column enter your MOA details eg the date being the first of the relevant month, number of days is how many days meals were purchased on, location is United Kingdom & justification is the dates meals were purchased eg drill night 2,9,16 jan 08. select continue & Next. Save your claim details, select the box to confirm you agree & understand the allowance rules & then submit your claim. Payment is usually within 4 working days.
    The above is taken from the claim form we were given but i dont know how to upload it when i work it out I'll add it.
    Hope this is of use.
  2. If the only meal you are claimimg is your main meal, then you can get the full MOA daily allowance, 7 quid or so. Says so in JSP 752.
  3. This debate is still awaiting an answer - MOA is designed to compensate for meals taken during the working day when no subsidised messing facilities are available, not for meals purchased on the way to the TAC! RAO_V - your statement is totally incorrect - the maximum rate claimable for the main meal is 100% of the daily food charge ie £3.89 at present.

  4. This MOA allowance was news to me on tuesday night and normally i would be wary however we were told about this and told how to claim this by the Regimental admin officer. The main reason for giving us this information was to try and get us using JPA with a view to the upcoming OJAR/SJAR reports, this being the 'carrot' i expect they'll be back in a couple of months with the stick.
  5. Like I said The jury is still out re claiming on drill night - the question has been passed up the chain - your Regimental admin officer isn't the above rao_v by any chance???

  6. Hi pw dont think it is my RAO as he was quite clear about the MOA. You can claim upto £3.89 for a prepared meal, that you buy to replace a meal you would miss by attending on a drill night. You must get a recipt for this, and you have to make 2 claims a month minimum. You cant claim if your unemployed on holiday or not working on the drill night.
    There are times when i finish late and as a result dont have time to eat and buy a pack of sandwiches from the tesco metro on the way to the TAC . Next time i will consider claiming, i probably wont though because ill lose the recipt or ill just never get round to going to the jpa cupboard.
  7. As I said the jury is still out on this - drill nights normally start at 1930 and end at 2130 without a meal break, the allowance is designed to cover the meal you would have at a meal break whilst on duty not a meal you purchase on your way in.

  8. For what it's worth we claim on JPA for this and it is accepted.
  9. I stand corrected, and that you for the guidance. A misunderstanding of 03.0408(a)
  10. JPA iexpenses will generally accept whatever you input without question, as long as the amount you claim is within the rates set for the allowance you are claiming it will not normally forward your claim for authorisation unless you fall under one of the other criteria for manager's approval or your claim may be selected for audit. This does not mean you are actually entitled - you still need to comply with the rules as per JSP 752

  11. There seems to be "some" knowledge on here on the rules for Meals Out Allowance, so I am going to raise the subject again, but with a slightly different angle. I am NRPS and work full time in the TAC, which does not have catering facilities. Having worked here for 2 years and claimed the main meal without problem my RAO now tells me I can no longer claim. The reason? He says that as I drive to a local burger van (and obtain a receipt), then bring the burger back to eat, that the claim is illegal. In effect he say that in order to claim, the food must be eaten off the premises. He tells me he checked this out with Bde and they concurred. Can this be true? Are others similarly affected by this rule? To me it is just one man's interpretation of a sentence and goes beyond unhelpfulness. Appreciate any comments from RAOs of TA units.
  12. He is talking total bollix. Ask him to show any shred of evidence that even vaguely implies that is the case - and if it is then sit 0.5m outside the TAC gate and eat said burger !

    It really grips me when admin nazis make shite up - usually admin nazis who have access to a heavily subsidised 3 course meal in a Mess if they care to eat it.
  13. What he said - JSP 752 gives a take away as an example - doesn't say where you have to eat it!:

    03.0403. Definitions. The following definitions apply:

    a. Meals. Meals should be interpreted as prepared food, which can range from several courses to a sandwich. A packet of crisps or a chocolate bar does not constitute a meal.

    b. Commercial Retail Outlet. A commercial retail outlet may range from take away/fast food stores (eg McDonalds) to cafes or restaurants.


    03.0404. Eligible Service Personnel. MOA may be claimed by all Service personnel (including Reserve personnel, and only those Sponsored Reserves in contract) who for duty reasons:

    a. Cannot obtain meals in a British or Foreign Service messing facility or a government subsidised canteen at their place of duty;


    b. Necessarily incur expense in obtaining meals from commercial retail outlets at a greater cost than would be incurred in a Service messing facility or government subsidised canteen at their place of assignment, provided they meet all of the following conditions:

    (1) Necessarily buy meals in commercial retail outlets on at least 9 occasions for Regular Service personnel and 2 occasions for Reserve
  14. The screws being turned at our place over this now, apparently we can't now claim for a sandwich if it's bought from a supermarket, the last time I checked a supermarket is still a commercial retail outlet. It doesn't seem to matter how clear or vague the rules are in JSP752 some MBE chasing throbber further up the food chain will still interpret them to **** people over.
    MOA = Mugged Off Again........

  15. I wouldn't bitch too much, outside the public sector, unless staying away from home on business, you pay for your own food. There's nothing to stop you taking a packed lunch or evening meal to the TAC. Difficult to see any justification for free food at your normal place of work.

    That said, so long as it is an allowance, you'd be a fool not to claim it.