Meal Recommendations.

I know there are a few threads that appear similar, but please hear me out.

I'm in hospital at the moment and each Thursdays the mil chefs cook a meal for us. We choose, the MLOs pay (almost no expense spared) and the chefs cook it.

I have terrible imagination for deciding on meals. It's 3 courses, but it don't just want a meal that I enjoy eating, but one they enjoy cooking. I'm not into trying to catch them out, but I'm sure they won't mind a small challenge.

Last week I had a king prawn starter with a light dressing, with a main of curry wurst and chips. I couldn't eat the sweet even though it looked great.

I chose the curry wurst because no one has ever made it better than a mil chef, likewise chicken Kiev.

The food was excellent, it was obvious they had put the effort in to a seemingly simple meal and it was fantastic. (Even the chips seemed to be twice/thrice fried).

All suggestions welcome, but I'd like to here from joker and other mil chefs as to what they could do on a pretty open budget.

The only other thing of relevance is that there are several of us on here so that's several different meals from scratch and I think it's just the two chefs.


I'm not a chef, but its hard to beat either a very oily sphag bol, or decent grilled steak & chips, etc.
Entree: Grilled goat's cheese on fig, with salad.

Main: Duck breast with spinach mousse and sautee potato.

Duff: Treacle sponge pudding with custard or icecream.
Added: Menu designed to be prepared beforehand and only a little time-critical programming required in the 20 mins run up to the meal.
Avocado and tuna fish.
Melon with Cap Corse (or Port)

Swordfish steak (needs to be fresh) with any old veggies you fancy
Gammon steak with chilli mash

Heiss auf Eis (hot sour cherries on vanilla ice cream)
Mashed strawberries and raspberry in sweetened quark.

All the above are pretty simple to do but fun to make for the most part.


I'll give the starter more thought, but what about some sort of offal for mains? Liver, or something a bit more off piste to the usual run of the mill stuff. SWMBO does a great dish of hearts stuffed with Paxo Sage and Onion.

Definitely Floating Islands for pud. I could eat my own body weight of those, and as they're light they balance out the heavier main course.
Like the goats cheese/fig for starters.

Not keen on duck, spag Bol, steak and rubies are very samey.

A traditional pudding is a good one, although I like hot pads and cold ice cream - love the texture/heat difference.

For main have chicken Kiev in my head and a home made great ingredients steak and kidney pudding, buttered jersey potatoes, asparagus and snow peas/sugar snaps/mange touts whatever they are bloody called this week.


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Individual snake & pygmy pies are FAB. Serve with veg.

Agree that the contrast of hot pud with cold sauce is also a winner.

Cant see why you dont like duck, it's one of the best meats around.....

(and you can shout "duck" as you fling your wine glass at the waiter).
Brocolli and Stilton soup.

Grilled squirrel with cauliflower cheese and potato wedges. Fresh lime to squeeze over the squirrel.

Baked apple with mincemeat stuffing and ice cream.


Baked avocados for starters. I used to have them in an Italian on Battersea Rise (Pasta Express) and recreated them at home.

Cut the avos in half, take out the stone and put cooked prawns in. Cover with a cheese sauce, bake and serve hot. It adds a whole new dimension to the avos.
A light green salad with a compot of Salmon mousse and some Gravlax topped with capers

A chunky Beef Wellington. Nice and rare with a thick crust, and some seasonal veg

Don't do puds, so can't offer anthing

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