right i have been called an oxygen theif can anyonr tell haow the fcuk this came obout coz i am pretty new at this site.
cos ur welsh?
Not sure but it must be pretty bad because no1cares hasn't and he/she/it is a complete twatt.
Then again i pretty sure i'm no winner of any popularity comp he/she/it runs either????
Have you been educated in English?

If Yes - Please delve into your mind and remember arrangements of letters in a word.

If No - You need a damn good shoeing for skipping classes

If you have dyslexia - i'm sorry
Well having checked your previous posts it could be because you appear to have little concept of how to spell or use capital letters, you have no idea what humour is, you seem to use '???????????' rather a lot.

You are a troll!

troll = c0ck = Oxygen Thief

Good skills on labelling it so quickly!
Righty ho I'll be as nice as possible about this.

Firstly looking over the posts that you have made previously it appears that your spelling and grammar are not what would be considered GCSE level.
Fellow ARRSE'rs tend to look down upon this as it may even be classed a chav or text speak (chav/txt spk)

My second point being that many of your posts seem to be of a derogative nature. Either insulting a fellow poster or 'jumping on the bandwagon'.

Did you spend alot of time 'lurking' the boards or just jump right in?

My advice to you would be

1) Delete all of your previous posts and PM a mod or the CO's asking for the O2 banner to be removed. Or

2)Set up a new account and start afresh, easing yourself in slowly until you get the jist of the boards. This may be the best option as you appear to have started of on the wrong foot.

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