ME Well Driller - Needing information

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. There has been a letter being handed around the squadrons asking for volounteers to do well drilling. It sounds better than stagging on an Ops Room making brews all day so I am just wondering if anyone has information.

    How longs the course? Propects? Quals? Entrance tests?..etc.

    Also, I've never heard of it before, and wondering if it's a new specialist trade???

    No information on the corp website.
  2. No not new. It's not a career streamed trade though. That and Res Spec used to be taken from the ranks, not from Brompton's main gates, if you like. (although Res Spec now does)

    Get an interview with your RCMO about it. I dont think they'll let you relinquish your trade to go well drilling though, NT.

    Also note from the blue book:
    You need career advice on it before you start coming up with plans. Youre a B3 (?) Cbt Engr, Class 2 C3S Sapper. I think you'll shoot yourself in the foot if you go Well Driller, that is if they'd let you.
  3. Just another job the "slackers" at Chilwell do!

    521 STRE (WD) are the team that deal with it, and they are always asking for bods to attend.
    Look here for a little info, just Google 170 Engineer Group, and its amazing what you will find!:

    170 Engr Gp

    PS: Its Water Development now! You would soon be corrected!
  4. B2 Cbt Engr, Class 3 Sigs. However I was told that it's better to be a sapper to do this. A Lcpl looked into it, he is a class 1 in his original trade (sigs, also) but if he went Well Driller he wouldn't get picked for fullscrew as he would need to be a class 1 in a well driller and the course he would transfer to would be class 2. So, it would be better for a sapper to do it as a sapper doesn't require a class 1 for promotion to Lcpl.

    However, if it does require class 1 in original trade it could be somthing in the future to concider.
  5. Speak to the RCMO when you get back, NT.
  6. water development NT.

    that is where i am until i fimish my sentence.

    any info required pm me.

    or if you want to meet the team let me know & i will introduce you to the bosses when we are back in theatre(afghan).

    there are spaces all the time on cses.
  7. now there is an offer you cannot refuse
    just watch knocker dont try to get through your back door oops sorry get you In through it
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  9. I still have no idea what they do!!

  10. ....and I thought I was having trouble finding things to do on leave....!!!!

    nice work BTW
  11. neither do they. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  12. i never see that part BUT i am not a driller. :wink: 8O :wink: 8O
  13. Thats a really poor reason for wanting to go and be a Well Driller NT. I would strongly recommend that you have a long think about why you want to go and volunteer for Well Driller training as the Class 2 course is quite intensive and you will be very busy if you pass the course.