Me recruit training 1973

Just found this pic of me recruit training in 1973...take it away lads, do your worst :D


rivetcounter said:
may i be the first to add ............. proper rifle.

SLR... smerkin tabs.... ferkin nails!!!!
"Gimme a feckin light punk!"
Less the putees, that is exactly what I was wearing in Basic training 11 years ago.


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Random_Task said:
Sixty said:
I thought they were gaiters.

Is why I asked. Same year as I was born so am not up on what the discerning squaddie was wearing :D
And combat trousers that are probably still in service!

Wood? Do I see WOOD on that there Elephant gun?

You lucky, lucky b*stid! I never managed to get wooden bits for mine.

Proper job.
I hated the SLR....... crappy, but oddly remembered fondly???

VB you look like you've run out of a borstel and hid in a bigger boys locker and robbed his shooter :D
Looks dead like my rifle i could hit a farthing from 500yards with it
I believe he's wearing anklets, not gaiters. Gaiters were/are calf length as worn by the American dough boys.
They probably were anklets but were called gaiters and we had to blanco them. :(